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Five Photo Friday

Memories of Summer Whitby Abbey

 Yorkshire fields

Up on the moors

 North Landing beach, Flamborough Head

Hector at Rievaulx Abbey

Summer was good. Love ♥Sue♥

Autumn Again!

The evenings are drawing in and our evening dog walks are lit by the setting sun. I love this time of year, the colours of nature are still bright and vibrant and the light is often amazing. We've had a summer of walking and relaxing, lots of family time..................wonderful.




♥♥♥ There's been crafting too, a blanket, it's taking FOREVER the pattern involves counting. I don't do counting, well I do but not very well! This means it's been crochet a row, unpick two rows!!!!!! It'll be worth it it's a lovely pattern. Here, have a little look .
The pattern is from Crochet Objet It's lovely but you can't take your eyes off it! I'm coming to the end now so they'll be a tah dah moment very soon. Finally I am hoping to post more frequently.................HAHAHA yeah you've heard that before haven't you, but I am because I really enjoy it, so thank you for reading my somewhat sporadic posts, it means a lot to me. See you soon ♥Sue♥