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Bright Jewel Blanket

Yay! All the ends are sewn in, finally. Oh hello, got a little bit over excited there! I am loving this blanket so much.  Just have to decide on an edging, nothing too fancy I think and I'm thinking the navy blue is the perfect colour.  The yarn is Patons Diploma Gold DK which is a practical mix of wool, nylon and acrylic. It comes in lots of scrummy colours  and is a dream to crochet with, having a beautiful drape and handle making it feel much more luxurious than it is! Isn't it wonderful that Spring has sprung, flowers, birds, lighter evenings and the promise of long lazy summer days. Seeing blue sky and blossom has lifted my spirits a bit because frankly I've been feeling rubbish, since well AGES as I mentioned before . Today saw another trip to the doctor and finally a diagnosis. Post Viral Fatigue/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Hmmm not nice. At least now I know what I'm dealing with. I'm doing a lot of sleeping and 'restin

Summer's here!

Hello, how are you all? I'm still feeling yuk and waiting to find out what's wrong,  but am just ignoring it cos being ill is sooo boring! Here in Sunny Portsmouth, we've been enjoying glorious weather this week, it feels like Summer's here! We've been enjoying some serious  deck time , it's wonderful. Best thing we ever did in our garden!  Last night we fired up the chiminea, and just spent time together, so relaxing. Ha ha you didn't expect it to look like that did you!  It is the creation of my Lovely Man of course and is an actual work of art, by the way it doesn't normally have a saucepan on the top, there was some experimenting with heating water going on here! Beautiful isn't it. Made from an old beer barrel! By the way it is enormous and weighs a ton which is a bit of a hallmark of Lovely Man, we love it. ♥ I've been spinning a lot this week too and having a sort out of all my yarn. There's quite a