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Five Photo Friday

Last weekend saw another trip to the woods,  more beautiful bluebells and wild flowers.  It's so wonderful spending time outside in Nature. I've also been spinning some gorgeous merino. Nice and thin! Topped off with a little crochet play in the sunshine. Whilst I recover from my day out in the woods!  Yeah a whole week to get over one trip, Chronic Fatigue is RUBBISH! Still least I can sit in my beautiful garden . How's your week been, what have you all been making, doing, enjoying? Do tell! Love ♥Sue♥

Five Photo Friday

Bluebell Time! Hope you're having a splendid week and that you've managed to find time to get outside and enjoy some Springtime beauty.  We took a gentle stroll through the woods this evening and very pretty it was too! Have a super Bank Holiday weekend whatever you're doing. Much Love ♥Sue♥

Bright Jewel Blanket

Yay! All the ends are sewn in, finally. Oh hello, got a little bit over excited there! I am loving this blanket so much.  Just have to decide on an edging, nothing too fancy I think and I'm thinking the navy blue is the perfect colour.  The yarn is Patons Diploma Gold DK which is a practical mix of wool, nylon and acrylic. It comes in lots of scrummy colours  and is a dream to crochet with, having a beautiful drape and handle making it feel much more luxurious than it is! Isn't it wonderful that Spring has sprung, flowers, birds, lighter evenings and the promise of long lazy summer days. Seeing blue sky and blossom has lifted my spirits a bit because frankly I've been feeling rubbish, since well AGES as I mentioned before . Today saw another trip to the doctor and finally a diagnosis. Post Viral Fatigue/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Hmmm not nice. At least now I know what I'm dealing with. I'm doing a lot of sleeping and 'restin

Summer's here!

Hello, how are you all? I'm still feeling yuk and waiting to find out what's wrong,  but am just ignoring it cos being ill is sooo boring! Here in Sunny Portsmouth, we've been enjoying glorious weather this week, it feels like Summer's here! We've been enjoying some serious  deck time , it's wonderful. Best thing we ever did in our garden!  Last night we fired up the chiminea, and just spent time together, so relaxing. Ha ha you didn't expect it to look like that did you!  It is the creation of my Lovely Man of course and is an actual work of art, by the way it doesn't normally have a saucepan on the top, there was some experimenting with heating water going on here! Beautiful isn't it. Made from an old beer barrel! By the way it is enormous and weighs a ton which is a bit of a hallmark of Lovely Man, we love it. ♥ I've been spinning a lot this week too and having a sort out of all my yarn. There's quite a

At Home

Oh hello, I know back again. so soon! What's going on? Well I have a little bit more time on my hands at the moment.  I'm signed off from work while the doctors try to discover why I seem to have been unable to shake off the Christmas flu!  I spent weeks trying to carry on as normal until I just felt so ill I had to see the doctor, where obviously I wept and wailed about how ill I felt. One doctor said it was all perfectly ok, I just kept picking up colds from the children at school, (really for three months) I stayed home for a week resting, sleeping, then went back to work and felt even worse. Back I went to the doctors and saw a lovely lady who immediately said "that's not right you shouldn't feel that ill, lets get you tested!" I was relieved to have someone acknowledge that how I felt wasn't normal! So blood has been removed from my arm (yuk) and  I await the results of blood tests. The doctor thinks it could be a thyroid problem (easyish to


 Hi folks the sun is shining brightly here in Portsmouth, birds are busy and flowers are blooming. Yup Spring is definitely here and very pretty it is too. Here some beauties I found on Pinterest. Spring Blooms I hope you enjoy them. I adore flowers of any kind but especially in Spring after months of muted tones, those little flowers pop up and dance around in the sunshine sending rays of colour into our hearts and making us feel energised and happy. This year I actually remembered to plant some bulbs so now have a garden full of delight. As an added bonus they smell divine. I hope you're enjoying the amazingness of Mother Nature too. I'm off to sit in the sunshine and spin........or crochet............or read........or think........or just be! See you soon Love ♥Sue♥

Five Photo Friday

A floral collection this week. Today is International Day of Happiness! Have a super happy Friday. Oh and don't forget to look up (safely of course) and see the eclipse if you can. Love  ♥Sue♥

Crochet Comfort

Hello friends. Firstly, just want to say thank you for all the visits to my little blog recently.  It's a lovely feeling to know people take time to read my ramblings. I love the fact that we connect through the blogosphere sharing the things that we all love,  it makes the world a smaller friendlier place! I was laid low AGAIN this past week with the flu/cold/yuk bug. Not happy. Off work and not able to enjoy all the projects I have on the go at the moment. Just sleep and daytime telly(yaaaawwwwwwnnnn). All I managed was a couple of rows on my V stitch blanket. Oh but what a comfort, snuggling underneath while I slowly hooked my way across the rows. No thought required, no stress just soothing rhythm and flow. It has grown slowly the colours following in an organic way.  No pattern repeat the colours blending together or singing out depending where they fall. This week I'm back at work and frankly exhausted! So I'm being gentle on myself,

Spinning and crochet

A little bit of this and that! I noticed the other day that I haven't posted anything crafty for simply ages. This doesn't mean that I haven't been doing any, of course I've always got at least two projects on the go. It's just sometimes I forget to photograph them and then the moment passes, you know what I mean I'm sure. A day without any crafting is NOT a good day in my book! So anyway let me share a few things I've been up to. Look at this glorious squidgy Corridale roving, it's what I made my beautiful shawl with and I have plenty left, it spins beautifully, fine and soft, dreamy, dreamy cloud grey heaven. I've spun a couple of bobbins without really thinking what to make. I've also spun some Blue Faced Leicester bought from the talented  Patricia at  Yummy Yarns . Hmmmm I wonder............. ...............Plied together, a subtle heathery marled yarn which  I LOVE! I have an idea to make a

Five Photo Friday

Wow that week whizzed by, I love holiday time,  having time to just mooch is very restorative. Here is a little flavour of my week. A Valentine walk to Halnaker windmill. An early morning stroll on Milton Common, beautiful blue skies. Finally capturing a bird on camera! A sunset walk! Eastney Lake boathouses An altogether sparkly week! I'm so lucky to live in such a pretty place. Today is wet and grey so I'm planning to spin and crochet.  I have a couple of projects on the go at the moment, I'll tell you all about them next time. Have a weekend. Love ♥Sue♥

Getting Organised

Well it's Monday, it's the half term holiday and I'm getting organised. Firstly it's off to the vet for Howard. Annual check up, which he hates, they'll be sweaty paws and lots of wailing! Then it's some yarn sorting and spinning, I have some rather gorgeous Corridale which I've already made into a shawl but there's more and it's a dream to work with fine, soft and a beautiful dreamy grey, perfect for today in fact. And finally I've restocked my Etsy shop, go and take a little look if you like, I'm hoping to add some handspun to my listings this week too..............If I get organised! Hope you are all busy crafting and making and imagining great things. Love ♥Sue♥


A beautiful day here in Portsmouth. A hint of Spring in the air and the first outdoor spinning of the year. It felt good to be outside listening to the birds and soaking up the warm sunshine on the deck. The cats thought so too! Ghetto having a stretch. Lord Howard(as he is now known!) relaxing! After an hour sitting in the sunshine it was on with my walking boots and off to the sea. First stop Milton Common, the sky full of Brent Geese chattering as they flew overhead. The Solent was particularly sparkly today. The Hard in Old Portsmouth looked higgledy piggledy and colourful. Then a final treat as I wandered home, a glorious sunset. A day to lift the spirits and make me glad to be alive! Hope you've all enjoyed a wonderful weekend too. Love ♥Sue♥