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Creative 2014

It's that time of year again, I'm looking back at all that I've achieved creatively,  somehow I don't feel as if I've managed to get much done. It's been that kind of year, a constant feeling of not enough time coupled with general blehhhhh has resulted in not as much as I'd hoped! What I have made has pleased me hugely though, and my spinning has come on really well. I'm now able to keep a consistent thickness most of the time! I really enjoy the whole process and am now hankering after a drum carder to blend my own yarns on. Of course my creative time has been used up by a couple of major DIY projects. THE DECK An impulsive project that took alot longer than we expected, but was so worth it since we now pretty much live out there. And THE BATHROOM  which if you read my blog regularly you'll know was a VERY tricky project, especially as we weren't supposed to be doing the work at all! You can read the sorry tale 

A Venetian Adventure!

Hello, how are you all? Ready for Christmas? No me neither. If you've been reading my little ramblings for a while now you'll know that this time of year is a bit of a birthday fest! Mine included. This year Lovely Man really excelled by whisking me away to Venice.  I know AMAZING. There was alot of cloak and dagger stuff beforehand, I variously thought I was going to Bognor, Paris, Barcelona, Ireland........pretty much anywhere.  I only found out my true destination at the airport. OMG What a weekend, so magical. Venice is simply incredible, this weekend the tides were very high so the water flooded everywhere. Everything took on a surreal look and feel.  Life seems to continue as normal even though the shops and cafes are filed with water! We wandered the lanes and soaked up the atmosphere. The buildings seem to be sinking into the water, gently decaying, gracefully. And then there are the gondolas, so beautiful, so