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Bathroom Ta Dah!

Finally, I've made it back to Blogland! I've been so busy, waay to busy and I've missed my Blogland chums. Hope you're all ok? And look, all good, a beautiful bathroom for you to look at. Exquisite isn't it. We've had baths and showers and bathshowers.  Oh yes we are making the most of our stunning new room. Isn't it pretty. Everything came together beautifully. We have created a calm restful space. Using natural beach colours and sea coloured accents. And we are so delighted all that hard work,  all that mess and trauma forgotten now. We're particularly pleased with the old pine shelf revamp.  Just spray paint and a rub down followed by a bit of wax. I'm so lucky to have such a brilliant talented Lovely Man to create our amazing home. I'll have an idea and hey presto he's done it! That's it now the last major renovation job, our home is officially FINISHED!