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Creative 2014

It's that time of year again, I'm looking back at all that I've achieved creatively,  somehow I don't feel as if I've managed to get much done. It's been that kind of year, a constant feeling of not enough time coupled with general blehhhhh has resulted in not as much as I'd hoped! What I have made has pleased me hugely though, and my spinning has come on really well. I'm now able to keep a consistent thickness most of the time! I really enjoy the whole process and am now hankering after a drum carder to blend my own yarns on. Of course my creative time has been used up by a couple of major DIY projects. THE DECK An impulsive project that took alot longer than we expected, but was so worth it since we now pretty much live out there. And THE BATHROOM  which if you read my blog regularly you'll know was a VERY tricky project, especially as we weren't supposed to be doing the work at all! You can read the sorry tale 

A Venetian Adventure!

Hello, how are you all? Ready for Christmas? No me neither. If you've been reading my little ramblings for a while now you'll know that this time of year is a bit of a birthday fest! Mine included. This year Lovely Man really excelled by whisking me away to Venice.  I know AMAZING. There was alot of cloak and dagger stuff beforehand, I variously thought I was going to Bognor, Paris, Barcelona, Ireland........pretty much anywhere.  I only found out my true destination at the airport. OMG What a weekend, so magical. Venice is simply incredible, this weekend the tides were very high so the water flooded everywhere. Everything took on a surreal look and feel.  Life seems to continue as normal even though the shops and cafes are filed with water! We wandered the lanes and soaked up the atmosphere. The buildings seem to be sinking into the water, gently decaying, gracefully. And then there are the gondolas, so beautiful, so

Bathroom Ta Dah!

Finally, I've made it back to Blogland! I've been so busy, waay to busy and I've missed my Blogland chums. Hope you're all ok? And look, all good, a beautiful bathroom for you to look at. Exquisite isn't it. We've had baths and showers and bathshowers.  Oh yes we are making the most of our stunning new room. Isn't it pretty. Everything came together beautifully. We have created a calm restful space. Using natural beach colours and sea coloured accents. And we are so delighted all that hard work,  all that mess and trauma forgotten now. We're particularly pleased with the old pine shelf revamp.  Just spray paint and a rub down followed by a bit of wax. I'm so lucky to have such a brilliant talented Lovely Man to create our amazing home. I'll have an idea and hey presto he's done it! That's it now the last major renovation job, our home is officially FINISHED!

Five Photo Friday............

.................And  Bathroom Update 2 So mostly we've spent the week in the smallest room. Not much time outside which I'm really missing. However progress has been made. Cabinets are well on the way to being finished. Tiling and grouting are done. The colours are much prettier in real life, the look I'm going for is a coastal relaxed look. Maybe this week will see the rest of the house returned to normal! I am feeling a bit more positive too, the end is in sight. It's a bit of an assault course at the moment. I'll leave you with a happy sight, our hedgehog made an appearance last night. He's looking very big and healthy, I'm hoping he'll find a nice corner of the garden to hibernate. We've called him Milligan (after Spike) Hope you've all had a good week. See you soon Love ♥Sue♥

Bathroom drama part 1

Hi! How's your week been? Mine's..........improving. As promised a little bathroom story. This is the very last room that needed renovating. Here are the before photos, this is what it's been like for ages, since we had a loft  conversion in 2007 to be exact! No proper flooring and patched up walls, gorgeous! Oh and a rather alarming crack in the toilet.                                         Finally I persuaded Lovely Man to get the builders in. Now, he can do all the work beautifully, loves doing it, is amazing at it. Unfortunately Parkinson's disease kind of has other ideas, it's just too much after a hard day at work. The last thing he needs is spending all night renovating and getting exhausted.  We need our free time, free to enjoy, while we can. So in came the builders. They made a good start.  Week one old bathroom ripped out walls striped and re plastered. Good all good, no stress. Then week two. Basin in, pipework

Five Photo Friday

Hi everyone! It's been a long long week, plagued by the back to school cold and stress levels through the roof! Let me explain a little. Last week I showed you a happy student back in his house at Uni in Nottingham, that's some good news. And here is a jolly giraffe, I made for a friend. Do you like his handspun scarf! A late blooming rose in the garden. And a family who have been  AMAZING! We had the builders in. We don't have the builders in ANYMORE. Basically we had to rip everything out and start again. Of course the troops rallied round. Heather used her muscles and Oliver used his pencil finding skills to help Lovely Man put right the mess. Here is some of that mess, these are some of the new pipes that had to come out! Arghhhhhhh Hopefully this weekend will see some good progress. I'll tell you the whole sorry tale next week. Have a good weekend Love ♥Sue♥

Five Photo Friday

I'm posting from my phone, who knows how this will turn out! Anyway round up of the week. A computer that can't find my SD card. Two cross cats and one happy student! I'll explain all next week. In the meantime I'm off to eat chocolate and drink tea, yes folks we're officially having a Crisis! Hope your week is going smoothly. Love Sue x Oh by the way I do know it's Thursday, don't look till tomorrow. X

Let's build a deck 2

Hi how are you all did you enjoy a glorious weekend? We've been enjoying some lovely Autumnal walks. Anyway............ promised here's the story of the deck. Remember how we hated decking,  I was holding out for slate flagstones actually. But as a temporary solution decking would do so we began. The first job was levelling using concrete and bricks. Now we didn't want to spend too much money on this project so decided to use roof joists, which we got for a very good price. Bring in the de-nailing team. Oliver came up with the idea to take away the roof supports!!!!! I know it'll fall down...... .luckily Lovely Man knew a cunning way of supporting the roof on two bespoke brackets.  I think Oliver was having second thoughts at this point. As you can see they make a crack team. Look at the awesome strength! It's okay the roof stays up!  And even better we'll have even more space. Ne