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Today I'm counting my blessings. Look at this lovely bunch, they're mine, gorgeous aren't they! We have from the right, Jacob, Adam, Heather, Oliver and Ali. Beautiful amazing young people each and everyone of them. On Saturday they came and gave me a lovely surprise party. Heather arrived from Manchester and Jacob eventually from Nottingham, just for me. Just to say Happy Birthday Mum! All this wonderfulness was organised by my incredible  Lovely Man! So I'm feeling very loved and blessed today. My home is full of flowers and love. What could be better! Love ♥Sue♥

Five Photo Friday

Memories of Summer Hasn't it been dark this week, get up, dark. Leave work, dark! So to cheer us all up I thought I'd post some lovely sunny photos from our holiday in Northumberland. Ah that's better Sunshine and blue skies. Have a great weekend. Love ♥Sue♥

New Skirt!

Have you ever owned a piece of clothing that you actually ADORE. Yes thought so.  And have you ever had to go through the trauma of it wearing out and having to say goodbye to said garment? Yes thought so. Well that happens to me alot. I find something I love (no easy task) then wear it literally to death. Then I spend ages moping around saying things like "I really loved that skirt" and "I'm never going to find a better one" and "I'm so saaaad" This is what has happened to my best ever skirt. Gorgeous isn't it, such a pretty pattern, goes with everything. Bargain it was too in Monsoon clearance. I have worn that skirt for EVER! Look,  so FOREVER it's actually fallen apart. The fabric is in tatters! Then last week I was browsing E Bay and I found a skirt. THE SAME. My heart beat faster I bid. YAY I won!!! I am a very happy lady. It's in perfect condition. Only snag, it's