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Look a SALE!!!!!

Hello!  I'm having a little sale in my  Etsy Shop  for one week only everything is 25% off. Go on treat yourselves or get ahead for Christmas, just get over there and have a look! Lots of love ♥Sue♥

Little bit of wind!

Phew, been out and about this weekend experiencing St Jude. Sunday saw Heather and I take to the beach to watch the Great South Run and for a chance for Heather to play with her new camera! Boy it was tough going and that was just walking, those poor runners really suffered running into the teeth of the gale! If you took part,(and 25,000 people did)well done that was some feat. Heather the new photographer in the family. So that was Sunday. The day before...... .....St Jude which here in Portsmouth the blew through during the night, I lay tucked up in my cosy bed listening to it roar around. Morning brought sunshine and showers so I donned my walking boots grabbed my camera and headed of course to the beach. I had to climb over a couple of blown down trees to get there! The beach was great, big waves and blue skies accompanied me as I battled along against the wind. My face has never been so smooth, blasted by the sand blowing along the shore! I

Five Photo Friday

Children! Family weekend coming up! Love ♥Sue♥

Spinning Inspiration

The other day as I was mooching around Pinterest I dropped across a video clip of  Rita Buchanan. I watched and listened for the whole 3 minutes totally mesmerised. What an inspiration! What I loved was her obvious love of her craft, I immediately downloaded her DVD from the Interweave Store and oh my goodness I'm so glad I did I've already gleaned so many little tips and hints that I'm sure are going to improve my spinning, but mostly I think I just love listening to Rita's soothing voice telling me that whatever I'm doing is okay! And reminding me to enjoy every moment of it. Which I do. So what have I learnt so far. Make samples of your yarn, single, plied, thick, thin, just to discover which you like the best! Keep your samples for future reference (so far I'm rubbish at this)  because you will not remember what you did. Choose your own style of spinning, whatever you're comfortable with is fine. Spin with purpose. Enjoy what yo

Five Photo Friday

Summer memories This is where I live. gorgeous isn't it! Have a super weekend Love ♥Sue♥

Spinning Love

I've been getting a bit frustrated lately on the spinning front.  Feeling like I'm not doing much but my post on Friday got me thinking about what I'd achieved in  my first 14 months of spinning. And guess what I've done so much more than I thought! Take a look at this lovely lot. I love looking at my first spinnings they look so textural.  They show me how much I've improved too! I've made some scrummy things to wear too I'm pretty pleased with all of these, although I think I've made enough scarves! It's funny isn't it that we always underestimate our achievements.  I bet if you gathered together all the loveliness you've made over even just the last month you'd be surprised at how much gorgeousness you've created! Anyway I love spinning, I have so much still to learn of course but I'm enjoying the journey enormously. So in the past 14 months I've l

Five Photo Friday

Next week I'm talking spinning. Love ♥Sue♥

Just playing around

Just been learning how to publish my Pinterest boards here and YAY it worked! So now you can get an even better glimpse into my colourful world. Hope you love blankets, I'd have them all! Love  ♥Sue♥

Bicycle basket roses

Hello, did you all have a super weekend? Went fast didn't it. Today I thought I'd share my bicycle basket revamp. You may remember I treated my self to some spiffy new panniers before our holiday, but I hadn't had time to decorate them. Sooooooo when we got back I spent a happy morning crocheting these lovely roses. Pattern here I added some leaves and spirals. I love making spirals. I just adjusted the size of my roses by making a different size chain. As usual I used Stylecraft special acrylic yarn, it's hard wearing and comes in gorgeous colours. I buy mine from here and it comes in minutes!  I love my new basket and have had lots of people comment on how jolly they look! I don't think I could have an undecorated basket, just wouldn't seem right! Go on add some gorgeousness to your bike, it'll make you smile guaranteed. Love ♥Sue♥ 

Five Photo Friday

Seems such a long time ago now. This holiday we went North-east, to the land of beaches and castles. Very gorgeous it was too. We ventured over the border too and were  treated to a magnificent show of Scottish weather! Happy memories. ♥ Love ♥Sue♥