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Five Photo Friday

I like that, rolls off the tongue. Five photo Friday 5 Yes very nice! So here they are. Some lovely weather this week have really been enjoying paddling around our beautiful beach. Also been preparing for our holiday,  YIPEE! Treated myself to these rather funky panniers. Ghetto's been enjoying the bucket of rain water!!!! And all that yarn is now balled up and in the hands of expert knitter Mum  who is going to knit up Heather's poncho. So it's been another busy week as you can see. But sooo great to be on holiday being able to take time to enjoy everything I'm doing instead of just rushing all the time. Anyway I'm off for two weeks away with Lovely Man. Northumberland and Edinburgh this year. Now...........what shall I pack? Whatever you're doing have fun and I'll see you soon. Bye! Love ♥Sue♥