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Spinning news

Well it's all done now.  800grams of beautiful merino, dyed, spun and plied ready to create a beautiful poncho for Lovely Heather. The colours are gorgeous, just what she likes I think I shall call it Heather Haze! I'm really pleased with how it's turned out even if it has taken me longer than I wanted and at times proved a bit of a  challenge ! Just need to set the ply, let it dry then pass it over to my Mum to get knitting. This is the  pattern  she's using very straightforward and relaxing. It's the same as my green poncho . So I've spent the afternoon soaking and rinsing, lovely relaxing garden job. Looks lovely laid out in the sun. Did you spot the stool, did that yesterday afternoon, another lazy, relaxing garden job. (I love garden jobs) We've revamped our picnic table and given it a coat of paint.  It's the same as the bench and shelves in our conservatory. Coastal Mist from  Cuprinol Shades r

Still learning!

I'm sitting in my garden tapping away in the humid night air, scented with jasmine and rose. I've just watched a bit of telly on the Iplayer too. Technology is great isn't it. Maybe it's helped by the rather generous whisky my Lovely Man made me but I don't think life could get much better than this! I love the summer! Oh hang on a fly in the ointment, mosquitoes, owwwww!  I hate them, I mean what do they actually do?  What is their purpose on the planet, do they perform any useful tasks at all!!!!! I am bitten. Anyway this post is supposed to be about my spinning adventure so I shall carry on. I've been spinning now for about 11 months, sometimes I feel as if I'm getting quite good.  Y'know I make yarn I'm pleased with that can be made into stuff. Nice work Susan I say to myself! But then my wheel reminds me that I'm still guessing and fluking my way through the whole process. Take my latest project. I've hap

Five Photo Friday

  HOT That's the story of this week. I'm loving it! What have you got planned for the weekend? I'm doing a bit of this. And this week I've been doing a bit of this. Loving these poppies I've organised my many, many scarves! Treacle has been sheltering from the scorching weather inside a broken flower pot! Watching the ships coming and going from Portsmouth harbour Enjoy your weekend Love  ♥Sue♥


What a glorious weekend! The temperature soared upwards just how I like it. Sunday we spent the day mooching around at home just enjoying the sunshine in the garden. We made Lemon balm tea to keep us cool, and young, according to my herbal book! I did a spot of plying Then coffee time, in the garden of course. With croissants, yummy. Indoor time to watch the tennis and a bit of knitting. Actually no knitting cos the tension was waaay to great! An amazing match full of drama and excitment.........almost too much to watch. We cheered, everyone cheered, The whole of the UK cheered. Well done Andy Murray a proper champion. It occurred to me that the last time England won Wimbledon my Dad was three and my  Mum wasn't even born!!!!! A bit of a blow along the seafront, still busy even at 7 o'clock. Hazy but beautiful. Finally to top off the day a session at a local pub with a bit of live music. Here's Love

Five Photo Friday

Looks like summer is really here at last! Busy bees Tomatoes on the allotment Evening Primrose Conservatory spruce up Enjoy the weekend. I'll be back next week with a spinning update! Love ♥Sue♥