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Sun, Sons, Spinning and a Supermoon!

HELLO! Hope you are all tickety boo. I had an action packed week and weekend (as usual). We all got a bit excited didn't we when the sun came out and it was........... .............well like summer. Lovely Man and I made the most of it with evening walks along the shore. Down to the old wreck. I'm calling it the Whale Boat, it's been decaying here for many years, this is all that's left now. Beautiful isn't it. Love the copper rivets. The evening light has been simply gorgeous. We've also been helping Lovely Oliver to move house, setting up home with his girlfriend, a momentous event and so wonderful to see them starting out their life journey together. Hard work though lots of lifting and shifting.  We rewarded ourselves with a delicious summery swiss roll! In between times I've been spinning away on my trusty wheel. Two shades of purple. Gorgeous merino a joy to spin and I'm g

Treacle update!

Today is Treacle's big day, off to the vet for her op. She has a bladder stone! Sooooo big operation  and hopefully she'll be all sorted I hope so because she's been causing havoc around the house with her accidents (yuk) I'm now a bit of an expert at getting rid of THAT smell. Obviously she was a reluctant patient and made all sorts of complaints about going. And to be blunt my wallet is making quite alot of noise too. Vets fees are pretty steep. However I think if you take an animal into your home you should be prepared to look after them whatever. It's what credit cards are for as far as I'm concerned. I know some people would say it's not worth it but I'd rather spend my money on my cat instead of a flash car, fancy clothes or expensive holidays! So here she is all angry and sore, bless her. And one bladder stone less, thank goodness.  We've had to put her in the pen because she is a master of escape, somehow


As if  having the week form hell last week wasn't enough tonight as  I sat down for some relaxing spinning I discovered a wee and disgusting beastie. Yes my friends,  I have been struck by the dreaded clothes moth! They are quite frankly horrid. YUK!!!!! OMG the fear and panic as I searched through my stash. Is that a larva or a bit of fluff, is that an egg? Should I keep or throw? VERY STRESSFUL. It turned out that the probable culprit was a little collection of fleece I'd collected on a country walk a few months ago, now dumped! Also a wicker basket which seemed to be harbouring some of the little horrors. They're now dumped too, I'm taking no chances. I spent the evening searching through ALL my wool, bagging it up, vacuuming and washing. I think  my stash is pretty moth free, my carpet is going to be zapped later today to kill any eggs or larvae and I think a disaster has been avoided. I do check my yarn regularly but actually

Five Photo Friday

It's been a week of hectic stress my friends. Poorly Mum in hospital and poorly cat at the vet! Only time to snatch some peaceful evening shots and beautiful flowers in my garden. Hopefully things will calm down next week. Have a good weekend. Love ♥Sue♥