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A Blanket Ta-Dah and more!

It's finished! So happy with this lovely creation, even if it didn't work out quite as I'd planned . Over 200 gorgeous grannies and it's a lovely generous size 146cm x 135cm. COSY!!!!! I know it all went a bit wrong but I am happy with how it's all turned out. AND I get to make another one with the rest of my daisy granny squares I kept the border simple just wanted the squares to be the focus. It looks great on our coffee table doesn't it. D'you like the table? We love the table! It came to live with us this weekend courtesy of a neighbours front garden. Unwanted, unloved and made of pine. "Yeh take it they said save us dumping it" OMG It's solid pine, it amazes me that people can just dump perfectly gorgeous stuff, but oh the joy of giving it a new home. Well a bit of trimming and cutting and routing and  Hey Presto a beautiful BIG coffee table. Looks perfect in our lounge. So per

Show and Tell 2013

Hello hav e you missed me, I've been busy, what with trips to the North and work, time just runs away with usual! And I forgot, it's that time of year when family and friends gather together for our now annual. Show and Tell. More rosettes to be won! (warning this is a long post) Much feverish preparation. Tom and Jacob took over the kitchen. Actually Tom took over the dining room too. Don't ask...........the results were very popular though! Little bit of rule breaking as Mum and Auntie Trissie helped  Heather sort her fudge topping out, hmmm sure the rules said no assistance allowed!!! Jacob's lemon curd puff pastry creations. Very popular. White chocolate cheesecake by Tom. Frankly divine! Just a small selection of the cakes. and confectionery (did you spot my Turkish Delight) Plenty of infusions and home brew. Way hey, lots of people walked home!! Like last

Adventures in The North

So we're back from The North.   Everything was so BIG especially Manchester, it's huge! We knew we were going North when we spied snow on the fields.   Heather took us on a tour of Manchester city centre, big shops, canals, a metro, and around Chorlton where she lives, good beer and interesting shops selling lots of tasty goodies! Sunday we visited  Yorkshire Sculpture Park  near Wakefield we had a lovely day out the weather was actually warm for a while and we all enjoyed walking around. The sculptures were interesting but taking pictures of them artistically was virtually impossible as there were so many people enjoying the sunshine! Anyway here is a selection of piccies, starting with Heather our guide and leader!  Oliver spent the weekend trying to photobomb my photos! The Barbara Hepworth sculptures were my favourites It's a shame the light wasn't great. Some things on chairs with no heads LOL I've decided that I reall


Hello! How was your Easter weekend? Full of chocolate if I know you! Ours kind of crept up on us but was in full swing by Monday with a full scale family dinner, you know roast lamb, all the trimmings and a choice of two puddings! It was lovely, I feel so lucky to be able to spend time with my gorgeous family they are such a special life enhancing bunch who fill me with great joy!  We had a great time lots of laughter and general hilarious fun. Of course I'm on Easter holiday at the moment so have time to catch up with some projects. I'm back at the wheel and I'm a bit rusty lots of stopping and starting! This yarn is not the best to spin with it's very felted, remember  this  but after ignoring it for a few months I thought I'd give it another go. Nothing to lose after all. It's turning out ok actually a bit lumpy but I'm not worried,  I'll find something to do with it! On the blanket front I'm zooming ahead wi