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Blanket solution!

 Well the shock's worn off and I've learnt my lesson. That being, write down everything! And thank you for the kind advice and sympathy, I think I'm not alone in my crochet dilemma am I! The general consensus was to make two blankets which I've gone with and so far I'm delighted with the result, have a little look see what you think.  By the way it's still going to make a large cosy, snuggly blanket. I've really enjoyed making these little grannies. I just kind of made up the pattern myself. But I dare say there's a pattern out there somewhere that's the same! Anyway I thought I'd write it out for you. Just remember make a note of  EVERYTHING!!!!! I'm calling it. Daisy Granny Square So here goes. I'm writing this pattern in UK terms I used Stylecraft Special DK and a 3.5 mm hook. These are the stitches I used  Sl St  (slip stitch)  insert hook into stitch, yarn

Uh oh problem!

First I will apologise for the quality of these photos. It's dark but I needed to share the thrill of completion! 468 Finished! That's alot of squares and don't they look great. All piled up ready to grow into a beautiful blanket. But wait a minute. What's this? Different sizes! How did I not notice this, what on earth have I done? How did I manage this! HOW! HOW! HOW! I HAVE NO IDEA. I guess that's what happens when you take a bloomin year to make something. (Note to self write down all your hook sizes etc when you start) Well it's a bit of a conundrum, what shall I do?  I have 185ish larger squares and  283ish smaller ones. Two blankets maybe? Here are the smaller ones all laid out, look pretty don't they. Oh what to do? H E L P I'm off to imbibe a large glass of something strong to console myself LOL! Love  ♥Sue♥

Daisy Granny Blanket

First of all, thanks for all your lovely comments recently and HELLO to some new folk! It's so lovely to connect with so many like minded people through the magic of the internet, and although I may not reply to every comment I do read and appreciate every single one. So thank you! Now a bit of crochet news. Remember these pretty little daisy granny squares........'s because I showed you these way back in September ! And that's not it really cos I started these little lovelies waaay back in June last year. I'm using Stylecraft acrylic, lovely for a snuggly blanket. Only 18 colours, ha ha! Anyway progress has been slow, it's a stressbusting project, picked up and put down when time and other projects allow. I've really enjoyed this blankets journey. Finally back in November I finished the basic squares 468 of them..............yes that's right 468! Next job to edge them all


Hi folks! Just a quick message from me to say if my blog looks at all weird or strange in the next few days/weeks it's cos I'm doing a it of a revamp! Now I haven't a clue what I'm doing so it's just a case of clicking stuff. Anything could happen! Wish me luck and any suggestions gratefully received. Love ♥Sue♥

Getting Organised

Hello! Hope you all had a spiffing Mother's Day getting thoroughly spoiled! Too chilly here to be mooching about outside so my thoughts have turned to a bit of organising. After the  bedroom decoration  project we've had to have a bit of a shuffle round and things live in different places now. However it's put me in a bit of a sorting frenzy and I've spread around the house decluttering, emptying and generally getting organised. In my sewing room I feared I was drowning in yarn and fabric. I had to find a way of concealing my enormous stash and keeping it all in one place. First I rolled up all those little ball ends and stored them on a pretty cake stand. I like this, I can see what I've got at a glance. The bigger balls I store in the single wardrobe in two sweater hanging storage organisers which I got from  Amazon Very brilliant I think, I can see EVERYTHING! It still needs a bit of tweaking but the principle is good. The d

Chandelier magic!

You r emember in the great bedroom remodelling  I showed you our chandelier with it's strange light bulbs and I spoke about an E-Bay event........ Well I was outbid in the last moments, drat! It turned out to be a blessing though because Lovely Man suggested we make our own glass fittings. Now I wasn't sure about it at all, what would we use, how would we cut them, would they break with the heat of the bulb, would they look good? It was all questions! Lovely Man just told me to trust. So I did and we adventured off to a local car boot and Hobbycraft for our raw materials. Voila! Some old pressed glass dessert dishes, 5 for a pound. Also some rather delightful cut glass beads. Lovely Man got out his special glass cutting drill bit and got straight onto cutting the bottoms off the dishes, he then cut a bulb holder sized hole in the dish,  drilled some holes around the edge. I threaded up the beads he made some nice little hooks. And a few hours