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Comfort Food

Ok so it's cold and snowy here in the UK, schools closed, roads blocked, rail delays, panic buying n the supermarkets. You get the picture typical British stiff upper lip LOL! Anyway stuck indoors not much in the cupboard needing comforting cake, this my friends is the perfect recipe. It's been in my family forever and here it is as written by me in my little recipe book when I was about 10 years old! That's it the whole recipe, told you it was easy. Want to see. First make some tea, any tea leave to cool add fruit and sugar stir and leave to soak overnight. Next day, beat in the eggs (I always make double the recipe) Next add the flour  mix well Pour into the tins and cook. Enjoy the gorgeous smell and after about 1 1/2 hours. Hey Presto! Scrummy delicious Tea loaf. Just the best family cake, good still warm with a smear of butter, great for packed lunches, and if any lasts long enough you can even toast

Exciting decorating news!

I'm very excited dancing around whooping excited to be exact. We are decorating, wait for it.................our bedroom!!!!! Why so? I hear you ask. Well I've lived in my house for a very, very long time (27 years) and the only decoration my bedroom has ever seen is a quick lick of paint on the walls........26 years ago. Yeah you heard right 26 YEARS! Children have been born raised and left home.  Pets and an ex have come and gone and other rooms have been redone numerous times. So this is big, really BIG. A new bed is on it's way, there's a time limit, 3 weeks. So the to do list looks like this. Remove fire Strip woodchip off the walls yuk! Dip the doors Get a new carpet laid New radiator Replaster Paint Lots to do but it's going to be fantastic. here's Lovely Man getting stuck in. The eagle eyed amongst you may be wondering why there is a sock on the top of the door? It's to stop the door rattling in the night wh


Hallooooo! How are you all? I've been enjoying all the interesting new year blog posts so much  I've neglected to write one of my own! Lots of resolutions about, lots of claims to get more organised, improve, get fit, eat healthy, craft more etc etc. I applaud you all because frankly I'm hopeless at making  keeping resolutions! This year I'm going to call them...........wishes, yes wishes I like that sounds more ethereal more as if things could just come upon you without too much effort LOL! My wishes are Improve my crochet and spinning skills Return to knitting Read more Swear less Get fit Find time Avoid stress So if my wish fairy is watching could you wave your wand a bit in my direction please. But if you're busy elsewhere don't fret my life is pretty wonderful just as it is. My decorations are all packed away now. Goodbye baubles Goodbye Christmas robin Goodbye sparkles  I've had a few lovely walk