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Finished Projects Yipee!

So last week I talked about my finished crochet projects didn't I.   I had to wait so long for a bright enough day to photograph them, but finally here they are! And actually I'm very pleased with BOTH of them. First the bag. Now this was an ill conceived project from start to finish with no planning at all. Oh boy it gave me so many problems, not with the actual crochet, that was the easy part, but the lining and finishing proved really tricky. I had real trouble finding a suitable lining material eventually settling on a blue stripe cotton.  Hmmm it's ok. But I'm not feeling the love yet. Next problem was finding a ribbon for the handles, I spent ages trying to find something suitable. Again I compromised and used a satin which wasn't my first choice. Still not feeling the love. Finally after a fruitless search of our local shops for a suitable embellishment, I hunted for a LONG time through my button collection. then something wonderf


Well I've been delighted with my blog stats this week (sad I know but I do look) mainly due the the lovely  Sheila Dixon  who mentioned me in her blogosphere round up. Thanks Sheila! Thanks also to all of you lovely people who read my ramblings and follow my blog. I'm eternally grateful and delighted that you want to be part of my creative journey. I love being part of yours! Now by now you've noticed I've been indulging in some retail therapy myself. I've spun everything in my basket with various results so felt it was time to restock. After a browse around  Forestfibres  I settled on some merino tops and some merino and silk. Ooooo scrummy soft clouds of goodness ready to play with. Then on Saturday I sent my Lovely Man off to the  Hampshire Spinners Weavers and Dyers Guild . They were having a sale day with  Wingham Wool Works , he had a blast chatting drum carders with the lovely ladies and came back with two new bobbins and some Ashford dye

Spinning singles

I would just like to clarify  if you have stumbled upon this page from the darker reaches of the world wide web.  This is a post about  yarn wool  the coat of a sheep!!!!  Not a dodgy dating advice help line! If you have arrived rather sweaty, breathless and wearing lycra from a fitness crazed google marathon, no it's not about spinning, a vigorous form of exercise involving a bike that goes nowhere in a large room smelling vaguely of feet.  NICE. NO this is a post about spinning single yarn a dangerous and highly addictive pastime. I've been practising and practising and have been managing to spin some quite good yarn, however when I ply it together it's still a little bit, well, chunky for my liking. And although I was delighted with my Summer Rockpool Scarf It's not quite as delicate as I would like. So I mooched around the web and read some interesting things particularly  here  and  here Saw some gorgeous things  here  got all inspired a

An Award!

Hello! How's your week been.  Another busy one for me, I'm off to work dressed as  Grandma Swag Oh the fun we have!!!!! Also this week a lovely surprise. Thanks so much to  Tania  for this award  go visit her blog it's got some great things on it! There are certain rules to follow which are: Explain 11 things about you.  Answer the 11 questions about yourself.  Choose 11 blogs and name in the post. Follow the blog of the person which awarded ​​you.  Visit at least three blogs awarded by this blog. So here goes! 11 things about me! 1. I love being outside on my bicycle 2. I love pottering around in my kitchen 3. I love all things crafty 4. I'm hooked on crochet 5. I like dark chocolate and tea 6. I'm loving my new spinning wheel 7. I take way too many photos, and love them all! 8. I probably spend too much time on Pinterest 9. I have three crazy cats 10. I have four crazy children 11. I'm happy! 11 Question

Getting There

Well I thought I was feeling better, but no, not really.  I've struggled through the last couple of weeks feeling mainly blerghhhh. My ears are all blocked and everyone sounds like they are talking to me from inside a tin bucket! On top of that I'm exhausted and a very unattractive shade of grey! Should probably taken some time off work but the it's easier said than done especially when you work with small children, you feel so much like you're letting them down. At least I'm not alone with my affliction it seems we all have germs of one sort or another at the moment.........thanks to the aforementioned small children! The other reason why I couldn't take time off is the teachers were being observed by the Headteacher this week. Very stressful for all of us and all in all a nasty process. Over now and both my teachers did well. Anyway I've spent the day snuggled under my lovely ripple blanket and drinking plenty of herbal tea. My Lovely Man i