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Dyeing to show you!

I don't pretend to be an expert on dyeing, well I'm clearly not, this is only my second go at it. I just wanted to show you what I did and maybe you will have a go. Honestly it's ridiculously good fun and soooo easy. I did a bit of research on the interweb and found loads of useful information particularly  here, here  and  here And after the success of my  Southsea Rock  yarn I couldn't wait to have another try.  You must do it, it's like magic, one of those things that makes you feel elated and contented! Give it a go, grab your food colourings from the cupboard a bit of vinegar and hey hey,  you're good to dye! Oh, you'll also need: cling film something to cover the table ( I used bin liners) a large pot a trivet or something to rest your yarn on when you steam it an old towel First I soaked my roving in lukewarm water for 30 minutes you can leave it for longer it just seems to need a jolly good soak. My roving weighe

Hit the whisky it's Friday!

I know it's terrible but I've reached the point of no return, whisky it is.  For medicinal purposes only you understand! I've made it through the week with a streaming cold and a rather painful collection of cold sores in my NOSE!!!! (not nice) Yes, I deserve a bit of indulgence. I shall mostly be mixing my whisky with honey and lemon till I'm too sozzled to bother. After which I shall probably just slurp it from the bottle, declare undying love for my family, pets neighbours, plants etc and fall into bed with my socks on! That, my friends is my Friday night all planned out. Roll on Saturday! Lots of love ♥Sue♥ Oh and I shall be posting about all the exciting spinning and dyeing I did last weekend.  Oh boy how much fun was that! ♥

Under the weather

Oh dear! I got too close to them........I have their germs. Normal service will be resumed A.S.A.P. Love ♥Sue♥

Progress Report

Can't believe it's Friday already, the week just flew by didn't it. Right to business. My new wheel has been VERY busy this week, humming away way too late of an evening. But this is what I've managed to produce. What do you think? This natural fleece is a joy to spin even for a beginner like me and I have to say I am really pleased with what I've managed to spin. Just not sure what to make with it. Any suggestions for a memento of my first efforts are welcome. What do you do with the first spinnings you've ever made? Now you may notice there is colour in this ply (yeah I know some technical terms too!!!!) Guess what, I dyed some fleece with food colouring, if I'd had my wits about me I would have taken photos of the wonderful alchemy that took place in my saucepan, however being a numpty and being waaay too excited I didn't. But OMG I was gobsmacked when I looked in the pot and saw clear water! I can't wait to play wit

Spinning Adventures

Oh Boy! Tuesday morning and I'm already pooped. Free flow play all day constant counting of small heads (114 in the year group), searching for jumpers. "Now tell me which classroom you were in when you took your jumper off? Right, thing is we didn't go in there!!!!!" You get the idea. 30 children squashed into a tiny classroom trying to organise them with all their stuff. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh They had  bookbags jumpers lunch boxes coats water bottles They couldn't even carry it all, bless em! I came home yesterday and just kind of sat........ .........for quite a long to do it all again today! And what I really want to be doing is playing on my new SPINNING WHEEL YAY!!!!!! That's right I bought one, about ten minutes after arriving at the September meeting of  the  Hampshire Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers What a fun day, what alot of knowledge packed into that room. Brilliant. Saturdays meeting

Made it............ the end of the week! First week of small children at school. Ahhhh they are  CUTE Never worked with tiny ones before, think I'm going to like it although I did spend quite alot of the week reminding small ones to wash their hands LOL! Good looking bunch they are, I have high hopes! Anyway now it's the weekend and I'm pretty excited because tomorrow I'm off to  The Hampshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers  September meeting for the whole day! I'm slightly nervous because my friend has said I can use her spinning wheel on the day, that means spinning in public, in front of experts OMG!!!!! I'm hoping to glean some tips from the talented ladies and maybe  treat myself to a bit of fibre to practise with! I'll let you know how I get on. Have a great weekend Love  ♥Sue♥

A post about fairness

I've had a lovely weekend, plenty of outdoor time and walking. Time with the people I love the most, and time for a bit of me time. All's well in the world. Or is it? I've just had a conversation with my Mum and she's told me that my Dad needs some new eye drops to control his Glaucoma, these drops are vital to keep the pressure in his eye low enough and stop any more deterioration in his eyesight. Seems straightforward enough doesn't it. Apparently not, our local chemist can't get hold of the drops, there's a shortage! NO I'm sorry that's not good enough, my Dad needs those drops without them what's left of his sight will go and he will be blind! It makes me so angry that ordinary good people face this lottery of treatment.  It is disgustingly unfair. He's an old man he just wants to grow old gracefully and enjoy his time. Not be fretting about how long he can go without the correct medication. My Lovely man has experience

End of the week.............hooray!

 First week back at work and boy have we been busy and that's before the children start! Quite a stressful day today, it's hard to please some people if you know what I mean!!! So I took myself off for a lovely walk along the seafront. Ahhh the perfect way to relax. How's your week been? The downside of working of course is the lack of crafting time, but I have a few projects on the go at the moment. Little bird on a driftwood branch. Cute or naff?  What do you think? Retro colours bag, just needs some handles which I'm getting on with in a minute. Can't decide if I want to line this one, hmm have I even got anything that garish in my stash! I'm pleased with the bottom shape ( oooo scuse me sounds a bit rude) And this project is probably going to be the longest  EVER all these little daisy squares ( I made the pattern myself, although it's probably been done before) are going to be a double bed sized blanket.