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Dancing and Digging

Well hi there! What a glorious day Saturday was, dancing was frankly hilarious, first time out this year and many, many hairy moments and hot.......... hot. Winchester was looking beautiful. This is me taking a break for a spot of lunch in the shade, i think you'll agree I really rock that tights and flip flop look! And yeah that is my costume. No more photos cos it's difficult to dance and take pictures LOL! There are videos but the're not ready for public consumption just yet. So after the dancing came the digging. down on the allotment the peasants are very busy. Covering the strawberries, or watering Mum.......not sure. Look at these stunning California poppies, what a wonderful colour they are, we shall be collecting the seeds from these for sure. Tomatoes, now that's exciting because last year we were way to late and only got a tiny crop. Mum's pigeon proof fence!!!! We'l

A Secret Life!

Hellooooo! Hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather,  it certainly makes you feel better doesn't it. We've been staying up waay to late enjoying the outdoor life and a little visit to the pub! Looking at the local landmarks, pretty ain't it. Anyhow. Busy weekend my friends we are just preparing ourselves for a spot of outdoor performing. ♥ ♥ ♥ Oh yes folks, I have a secret life of dancing and folk festivals! Today we are off to the lovely city of Winchester for their annual festival. lots of morris men and cloggers and us dancing in the boiling sun! If you're interested we dance with a group called Chequered Flag and we dance mainly Appalacian steps which are very percussive, great fun. You can find a couple of us videos on youtube ( haven't time to put one on here) Have a great weekend Am taking my camera so might get some piccies to show you, it's a glamorous life let me tell you! Must go kit to iron! bye

Long Hot Summer!

Wow this is more like it, going out without a cardi,  open windows and long evenings outside! Howard's loving the sun, here he is looking handsome. I've been busy sorting the garden And enjoying the blooms Ooo get me I've gone all Chelsea Flower Show! Terrible photo really, way too bright, but the flower border is filling out nicely. I'll soon be able to take the cat defence sticks out! That Clematis is going to flower very soon The pond is teeming with newts and those slates on the left side have a lovely trickle of water running over them. Powered by the sun! I love my little garden and I've been rushing home from work for my lunch to just sit in the sunshine and enjoy all the beauty around me.  Have a look, hope you enjoy it too! Don't they make you feel happy. Last night we were out till past 9 o'clock visiting the baby swanlings(my word, I think it

Long Week

It's been a long week, a very long week! I've started a new working pattern which means I have NO FREE AFTERNOONS! This is bad. No time to whizz around on my bike getting jobs done.  No, now I have to squeeze it into the evenings and weekends. I don't like it! However enough of the moaning Susan. I have found time to snap some of the things that have happened this week. We did have a delightful stroll around the common this week and met our feathered friends. Here's our friend rushing over to greet us!!!!! Up close and personal.  Bit too up close really, I must confess we did have a little bit of food to entice him. Unfortunately not everyone got a look in, boy was he cross with that swan, don't you think his face is hilarious! Let me tell you there was a lot of quacking and that crazy water running that ducks do! Made a new and very long garland Love these flowers and that cotton yarn. Finally the ligh

The Weekend

I lov e the weekends don't you, love the relaxed pace and being able to just mooch. What do you do when you mooch? Friday afternoon we mooched over the road to  Milton Common just 5 minutes from our door. Don't you just love the colour of that sky! Then on Saturday afternoon we mooched on our bikes up the road to the lovely  Farlington Marshes We had a lovely time in the  SUNSHINE Yay! The clouds were fabulous. How hard is it to capture birds.   This cunning heron spotted us and refused to give us a good shot! What we didn't manage to capture on film was the herd of cows who came to see us. One was particularly friendly and spent ages firstly licking it's nostrils then licking my hand! Yeh,with plenty of dribble LOL! ♥ There was some hooky fun too, a new garland, full of summer colours, but no photos yet. And some serious digging down the old allotment, I'll have to remember to take my