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Sailing on!

Ahoy there shipmates! Sorry had to do that, you see I have a little fleet now! This one's caught the catch of the day. And this one's all pastel and pretty Do you like the little bunting decoration? I haven't decided what to put on this one. And finally a little experimental tugboat. What do you think? I'm going to put more decorations on it. BUT I'm not sure if it's a keeper. Anyway I'm back on dry land tonight, playing with these. Lovely aren't they, using up my stash  (oh dear I'm chuckling to myself cos I just bought a ball of wool to finish this project) Which makes that statement officially a lie.  We always kid ourselves with the stash thing don't we, after all if we used up our stashes we'd have no yarn to work with now would we. Yeh we didn't think of that did we! So do you like these tiny squares? Well quite tiny, about an inch square, very relaxing to make.

Bobbing along!

Staying with the sea theme,  here's the latest little creation to float off my hook! Happy Friday! ♥Sue♥

Stocking up!

After the mermaid adventures last week  I'm all back to normal and busy making happy things for my Folksy shop. Some lovely bunting all colourful and cheery here's a close up of the squares. Perfect for a happy home! There's also some gorgeous Easterish bunting that really needs a good home! I love this bunting. Made from the softest cotton. So if you fancy take a peek. Hope your week's full of fun and creation. ♥Sue♥

I've been inventing!

Half term holidays and nothing too drastic planned has given me lots of time to play. And look what I created! After my slug adventure I wanted to see if I could make a figure, in one piece. Then in my butterfly mind way I thought, I wonder if I could make a fish tail, turns out if you combine those two things you get yourself a  MERMAID!!!!! I got completely carried away of course. She has chain stitched scales on her tail, and  the hair! Can't stop laughing at her hair. It just kept growing and growing! Of course she had to have a name so I called her Meri Which apparently means 'the sea' in Finnish. I love her very much and have spent much time leaping about and cackling with glee much to my families despair! But I don't care, cos I've made a mermaid! The only down side to all this mermaid invention is, NO PATTERN! not one note or scribbling did I make,  (mainly cos I thought it wouldn't work,

Yuk slugs......or are they?

Ok so we all hate them. In the garden And in THE HOUSE YUK YUK YUK Yeh we hate the little pests. Or do we? Look How cute are these little fellas. I'm hooked, they are multiplying fast. And the best part. They don't eat greens! I am in love! If you want to join the slug fest you can get the pattern  here . Happy Thursday ♥Sue♥

Retro Birthday and Valentine

It's been a bit hectic here.  First we had the retro birthday tea for number three son 18   Lovely, that's four adult children I have! Blimey. So anyway as requested a retro birthday tea. It felt very strange buying all this stuff I can tell you.  So we had. Iced gems Jammie Dodgers Party rings Rice crispie cakes Trifle Fairy cakes  (with dodgy decoration) And a very happy 18 year old! ♥ ♥ ☻ Moving on. Valentines day A bit of cutting And hanging ♥ A bit of hooking too, can you spot it? ♥ There it is!   A little key fob. Hope he likes it,  just waiting till my Valentine comes home! ♥ ♥ Hope you're Valentines day is full of love! ♥Sue♥

On my camera

On my camera in January A chilly visit to our local cemetery. An even chillier visit to Portsdown Hill to get a new view of the setting sun. A grey day in Southsea Finally a little hooky prettiness! Theme of the month seems to be grey and chilly! lets hope for a more colourful February. Hope you are all warm and cosy. No snow here, but it's jolly cold. Enjoy your weekend whatever you do ♥Sue♥

Big Ta Dah!!

I am so happy! Yipee! It's finished my Flower Garden Bag ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ After Cath  came to the rescue things went swimmingly everything just felt right ♥ ♥ ♥ This must be one of the longest projects ever. I started the bag way back in August , then got sidetracked by.............. colourful things You know how it is, back to that circle of confusion! Anyway slowly, slowly I've found my way with this project and eventually as they usually do it found it's heart and all grown together beautifully. What do you think? Now I love it loads, a bit too loads.  It's going to be hard to let this one go, but a new home must be found so off to the  shop  it goes. Have a great week ♥Sue♥