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My makes 2012!

My round up of all my hooky fun in 2012! Isn't it amazing how quickly you forget what you've done. I've had a brilliant crafting year honed my crochet skills and learnt a new skill...........spinning, oh boy I love it so much! And really it's because of all of you that I'm doing any of this, all the encouragement and inspiration that I find on your blogs and Flickr pages, thank you all for helping me to embark on this wonderful journey, your words and comments make my day...........every day. Have a wonderful New Year and a momentous 2013. Love  ♥Sue♥

Christmas cake 2012!

The Cake Club, featuring the in house artists has being in session once again and I think you'll agree a magnificent job has been done by one and all! This is a crack team who meet secretly at Christmas to create beautiful cakes. There are rules of course................the first rule is  "You do not talk about Cake Club"  LOL! Well they are boys mostly!!! Hope you are enjoying the festive season we certainly are. Lots of love  ♥Sue♥

Christmas Cake Inspiration!!!!!

Come on you didn't expect fabulous amazing pristine cakes did you! It's me, we don't do usual or traditional here in Baffins! I was chatting to my Mum today and we both decided to just have a look at our cakes today and maybe marzipan them tomorrow............if we get if things pan out the way they normally do I and my Mum will RUN OUT OF TIME. And this keeps happening, so one year I decided to let 'the family' decorate the cake. Take a look there are a few years of hard work here, see if you can spot the cakes I managed to get my hands on! I have to say it's turned into one of our Christmas highlights, full of hilarious creativity! Enjoy This one is decorated by the lovely  Heather takes after her mother! Hope you enjoyed that selection, they make me smile so much. It is such a simple silly thing to do and yet, for us it screams Happy

Busy busy busy!!

Hello folks! Seems almost impossible to find time to come and have a chat with you busy and tired. The teacher I work with is off sick so it feels like I'm holding the class together a bit. And of course it's all nativity, glitter and overexcitement! Fortunately they are a gorgeous bunch of children. Still I have been finding time to finish my little secret project. Ta Dah! A cute little blanket. D'you like it? I can't say anymore about it at the moment. But I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. I used Stylecraft yarn which is gorgeous for blankets as it drapes so well and the colours are fantastic. And I really like the little pointy edging. I'm now in granny star frenzy, just hooking them up any relaxing ahhhh. I'm also trying to get all my  spinning  finished so I can move my wheel and put my tree up! So much to do and I haven't even started Chri

Day Out with number 4

Phew just dropping by for a little update. Still hooking my secret crochet project  and of course thinking about Christmas. So on Saturday Jacob (No 4 beautiful boy) and I took a road trip to Nottingham. I know long way from Portsmouth! Very long way, very early start. Why? University open day. After a long icy, foggy, rainy, frosty drive we arrived at the Brackenhurst campus of  Nottingham Trent Uni. What a lovely place. Have a look. This is part of the campus! beautiful gardens prospective student...........loving it all! Such a gorgeous setting The accommodation was set overlooking rolling field of sheep! There was even a walled garden! The rest of the campus is modern and attractive too. A great visit, Jacob was buzzing he loved it! We listened to the details of the course he wants to study Environmental Conservation and Countryside management   and it sounded great. A long day but a good day, lovel

I've gone mobile!

Well who knew I can blog on the move! That's if this works. Anyhow my glorious grannies are resting in their basket at the moment I'm hooking up a little surprise. You like? Love Sue x

Grannies Galore!

Ta Dah! 18  colours 468    grannies! Just some ends to sew in (still no volunteers I see) Followed by a pretty white border round each one. And sew them all together!!!!!! Best I get cracking. Hope you're having a good week. Love ♥Sue♥

Fabulous yarn!!!!

 Yipee! From this and this I've made  THIS! Have a gorgeous weekend I'm busy spinning and plying and smiling sooooo much. I love yarn don't you! Lots of Love ♥Sue♥

Spinning Delight!

It's alright we can relax.  I DID IT! Dyed my merino without turning it into felt. I had a read of this  tutorial  which was full of excellent advice and armed with the mantra 'do not agitate'  I set to it. Still a bit stressful though. So here's what I did. Here's my merino all weighed out. Into the sink to soak. This was hard because I just left it to soak and didn't push it into the water, it took ages to soak up the water.  There is water under that roving! Oh and it was lukewarm. The wool is naturally water resistant. While that was happening I made up my dye solution. This is the fun part it reminds me of painting when I was a little girl the  magic of discovering new colours. A splash of red in there too. Oooooo lovely Into the pot, this pot is perfect it's big and fairly shallow. I forgot to photograph it but I made sure the water in the pot was the same temperature as the w