Sunday, 8 February 2015


A beautiful day here in Portsmouth.
A hint of Spring in the air and the first outdoor spinning of the year.

It felt good to be outside listening to the birds and soaking up the warm sunshine on the deck.

The cats thought so too!
Ghetto having a stretch.

Lord Howard(as he is now known!) relaxing!
After an hour sitting in the sunshine it was on with my walking boots and off to the sea.

First stop Milton Common, the sky full of Brent Geese chattering as they flew overhead.

The Solent was particularly sparkly today.

The Hard in Old Portsmouth looked higgledy piggledy and colourful.

Then a final treat as I wandered home, a glorious sunset.
A day to lift the spirits and make me glad to be alive!
Hope you've all enjoyed a wonderful weekend too.


  1. Lovely Day, lovely photos!
    Best wishes Sue

    1. Thanks Sue kind of you to drop by!

  2. Wow, outdoor spinning! That must have been good fun! xx

    1. Amy outdoor spinning is the best thing ever, I don't know why it just feels right!

  3. Replies
    1. LOL I know Claire I really live on the edge don't I!!!!!


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