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Christmas Cakes!

Hi hope you enjoyed my last post.  I had a blast writing it, it brought back all those wonderful memories of happy family times. I cherish them hugely, nothing is more important than family and they should always know how special they are.  One of my favourite things about Christmas is being able to kick back and spend lazy days together enjoying the little things that make us happy.  Long lunches, chilly walks, hot chocolates and pyjamas, games and late night chats putting the world to rights and dreaming dreams together.  Lovely, can't wait. Anyway lets talk cake shall we. I love Christmas cake and always make mine in October half term to give it plenty of time to mature. And I love decorating my Christmas cake.  Deciding what artistic theme I'll be having and generally going to town on the festive design. Here is a selection of some of them.   The problem is with everything building up before the Big Day it often gets left to the last minute...........the very last minute. Then one y…


I blame divorce! Christmas changes forever when you get divorced. It's never the same, there's all that who has the children on the 'Big Day' how will they get there, what if they don't want to go..............all of it not nice really............for anyone. This was graphically demonstrated to me when my gang were still quite small. There I was enthusiasticly describing what we'd be doing on our Christmas (Boxing) day after they'd spent the first half of the holidays with their dad. Turkey dinner, crackers, flaming pudding the full works you know the score. When one of them piped up. "Really do we have to, that'll be the fourth Christmas dinner we've had!"  Ahhhhh a penny dropped moment.  You see divorce means the children are paraded from one set of parents to grandparents to step grandparents, step parents, the list is endless and for them slightly tedious, imagine all those sprouts! That year we had curry. And I had a think. We came up with a …

Five Photo Friday

This Friday got lost in cyberspace somehow! Anyway enjoy a............. Peaceful Autumn walk on Milton common.

Have a great weekend. Will you be watching Dr Who? Don't you dare tell me what happens cos we have to go out and will miss it!!!!!! I shall stay in with the curtains closed till I've watched the fun. Love ♥Sue♥

Finishing off those odds and ends!

Hello how are you all? Hope your weekend was glorious if a bit chilly. Did you find time to enjoy some crafting fun, hope so. I've been tying up loose ends as I had sooo many projects on the go, as we all do!  Apparently here in the UK we can expect snow this week!  So with that in mind I got out my stash and created some cosy things to wear and snuggle under. First up some rather funky mittens crochet with some of my handspun merino, I though it was about time I used some of it even though it's not perfect with thick and thin sections. So I got hooking and created these monstrosities! Not...........identical as I forgot what I did and only wrote down some of the pattern, silly me I thought I'd remember the rest but NO! Note to self don't trust my brain, write it down. Anyway they are done and on my bike they are fine, very cosy. Wonder how good they are at snowball throwing.

Using up some other handspun I'm knitting a snuggly scarf, just garter stitch. In real life it's…

Five Photo Friday

It's been a week of chilly walks and birthdays, oh and a bit of fimo clay playing! Busy making warm things to snuggle in, show you next week. Love ♥Sue♥

November List

I thought I'd start a new little feature and the beginning of the month seemed a good time, I've seen a few of these type of lists around the internet and I like them because they kind of sum up a moment in a life. So at the beginning of November I'm currently. the rain.
Eating..................homemade natural yogurt.
Drinking...............fennel tea, delicious! poncho ( you can't be unhappy in a poncho!) and PJs.
Feeling.................tired, headachy, blimin hormones! get organised lots of events coming up which I need to plan for.
Wanting................The perfect winter ski jacket. 
Thinking................about Christmas and all the birthdays before it!
Enjoying................snuggling under crochet blankets to watch Downton.                                                                         
Making..................yarn lots of it for my very own cardigan and some new gloves.

Five Photo Friday

Ahhh holidays, I love them! Early morning walks on the common. Autumn mist rising.
Nosy swans

An Egret.

Time to spin, two of 5 bobbins!

Time to sew, skirt revamp.

Oh yes I love holiday time. Don't you? Love  ♥Sue♥