Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Spinning Inspiration

The other day as I was mooching around Pinterest I dropped across a video clip of 
I watched and listened for the whole 3 minutes totally mesmerised.
What an inspiration!
What I loved was her obvious love of her craft, I immediately downloaded her DVD from the Interweave Store and oh my goodness I'm so glad I did I've already gleaned so many little tips and hints that I'm sure are going to improve my spinning, but mostly I think I just love listening to Rita's soothing voice telling me that whatever I'm doing is okay! And reminding me to enjoy every moment of it. Which I do.
So what have I learnt so far.
Make samples of your yarn, single, plied, thick, thin, just to discover which you like the best!

Keep your samples for future reference (so far I'm rubbish at this) 
because you will not remember what you did.
Choose your own style of spinning, whatever you're comfortable with is fine.
Spin with purpose.
Enjoy what you do!
Which I am.

I'm only half way through the DVD so who knows what other gems I shall learn.
Spinning is such a secret hobby it's lovely to be able to tap into a talent that you just cannot find in your own neighbourhood. Once again thanks to the wonderful internet we have a whole new neighbourhood at our fingertips.
Who do you turn to for inspiration and advice in the craft world?

See you soon


  1. That is great that you have found some lovely inspiration Sue! Just one question, what is the coin for - the penny dropped? xx

    1. Ha ha it just shows how thin the yarn is and gives an idea of scale! Some people spin even thinner than that!!!! I'll keep practising. Thanks for all your visits Amy. x

    2. Wow Sue, that thread looks as fine as a thread of cotton already! Can't imagine how it could be thinner. xx

    3. Aww thanks Amy but apparently it can be thinner than that! x


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