Monday, 28 October 2013

Little bit of wind!

Phew, been out and about this weekend experiencing St Jude.
Sunday saw Heather and I take to the beach to watch the Great South Run and for a chance for Heather to play with her new camera! Boy it was tough going and that was just walking, those poor runners really suffered running into the teeth of the gale!
If you took part,(and 25,000 people did)well done that was some feat.

Heather the new photographer in the family.

So that was Sunday.
The day before......
.....St Jude which here in Portsmouth the blew through during the night, I lay tucked up in my cosy bed listening to it roar around.
Morning brought sunshine and showers so I donned my walking boots grabbed my camera and headed of course to the beach. I had to climb over a couple of blown down trees to get there!
The beach was great, big waves and blue skies accompanied me as I battled along against the wind.
My face has never been so smooth, blasted by the sand blowing along the shore!
It was actually really hard to take any photos as the wind was blowing me around so much.

Believe it or not these two shots were taken just moments apart

The sandbank at Hayling looked very rough.

As I walked westwards towards the pier I saw these two Southsea swimmers taking a dip, 
yes that's right a dip! They said the water was lovely as they rushed up the beach for a warming cup of tea.

It was a blustery exhilarating walk, there is nothing better than being outside, makes me so happy!
I came back home and spent the afternoon spinning some lovely merino and gazing at the clouds whizzing by the window, very relaxing.
Hope you survived the weather unscathed in your part of the country.
I'll show you what I've spun next time.

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  1. Glad that you made it through Sue. Amazing how quickly the weather and skies can change isn't it. xx


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