Monday, 7 October 2013

Bicycle basket roses

Hello, did you all have a super weekend? Went fast didn't it.
Today I thought I'd share my bicycle basket revamp.
You may remember I treated my self to some spiffy new panniers before our holiday, but I hadn't had time to decorate them.
Sooooooo when we got back I spent a happy morning crocheting these lovely roses.

I added some leaves and spirals.

I love making spirals.

I just adjusted the size of my roses by making a different size chain.

As usual I used Stylecraft special acrylic yarn, it's hard wearing and comes in gorgeous colours.
I buy mine from here and it comes in minutes! 

I love my new basket and have had lots of people comment on how jolly they look!
I don't think I could have an undecorated basket, just wouldn't seem right!
Go on add some gorgeousness to your bike, it'll make you smile guaranteed.


  1. Oh Sue, I love this.....maybe I'll have to copy your idea one day.
    Jacquie x

    1. Oh you should Jacquie you'll love your bike even more! Maybe i should make some basket decorating kits, what do you think? x

  2. What a happy basket! Love it.

    1. Absolutely I always feel happy when I catch a glimpse of those jolly flowers. x


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