Monday, 8 July 2013


What a glorious weekend!
The temperature soared upwards just how I like it.
Sunday we spent the day mooching around at home just enjoying the sunshine in the garden.
We made Lemon balm tea to keep us cool, and young, according to my herbal book!

I did a spot of plying

Then coffee time, in the garden of course.

With croissants, yummy.

Indoor time to watch the tennis and a bit of knitting.
Actually no knitting cos the tension was waaay to great!
An amazing match full of drama and excitment.........almost too much to watch.
We cheered, everyone cheered, The whole of the UK cheered.
Well done Andy Murray a proper champion.
It occurred to me that the last time England won Wimbledon my Dad was three and my 
Mum wasn't even born!!!!!

A bit of a blow along the seafront, still busy even at 7 o'clock.

Hazy but beautiful.

Finally to top off the day a session at a local pub with a bit of live music.
Here's Lovely Man playing his drum.

Hope you all had a glorious weekend, isn't life great when the sun shines!!!!!
Am going to spend as much time outside with the little folk at school today.
See ya!

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