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Still learning!

I'm sitting in my garden tapping away in the humid night air, scented with jasmine and rose.
I've just watched a bit of telly on the Iplayer too.
Technology is great isn't it.
Maybe it's helped by the rather generous whisky my Lovely Man made me but I don't think life could get much better than this!
I love the summer!
Oh hang on a fly in the ointment,
mosquitoes, owwwww! 
I hate them, I mean what do they actually do? 
What is their purpose on the planet, do they perform any useful tasks at all!!!!!
I am bitten.
Anyway this post is supposed to be about my spinning adventure so I shall carry on.
I've been spinning now for about 11 months, sometimes I feel as if I'm getting quite good. 
Y'know I make yarn I'm pleased with that can be made into stuff.
Nice work Susan I say to myself!
But then my wheel reminds me that I'm still guessing and fluking my way through the whole process.
Take my latest project.
I've happily spun 5 gorgeous skeins of beautiful merino.
It spun like a dream.

This week it point blank refused to spin, suddenly it seemed I'm working with felt, it was almost impossible to draft out onto the wheel.

Overspinning happened.

Fingers hurt, like really hurt.

My brain ached, what on earth was happening?

Why can't I spin anymore????
So I walked away in disgust and took a close look at my fleece.
I don't think it's felted very badly, it wasn't felted before.
But I have been storing it for a little while, maybe it's compacted?

Anyway I sat in the sunshine and fluffed and predrafted it into thinner strips.
Guess what.
Yeah you guessed spun like a dream again!!!!!

I have 2 more bobbins ready to ply, yipee!

It just reminds me how much I have to learn about this wonderful craft.
It reminds me to be patient and thorough with my preparation, listen to my wheel, she knows what she's doing a few adjustments helped enormously.
It reminds me I'm a beginner.
Mostly it reminds me that I love spinning even when my fingers are sore!
Do you love your craft even when it all goes wrong?
Must go now off for the final week at school.


  1. Your story made me laugh a bit; I guess everyone, no matter what craft you're doing, experiences this kind of struggle. You do something a million times almost without thinking, and then suddenly it all goes wrong. Why? I never really know, but it makes me rethink what I'm doing, and often it results in a different way of doing things.
    Enjoy your summer evenings!

  2. Thank you Dorien, I agree we're all on one huge learning curve aren't we! We are loving these scorching days here in the UK, hope you are having a good summer too. x

  3. Hi, I love your blog always has nice things here, beijokas ...


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