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Sun, Sons, Spinning and a Supermoon!

Hope you are all tickety boo.
I had an action packed week and weekend (as usual).
We all got a bit excited didn't we when the sun came out and it was...........
.............well like summer. Lovely Man and I made the most of it with evening walks along the shore.
Down to the old wreck.

I'm calling it the Whale Boat, it's been decaying here for many years, this is all that's left now.
Beautiful isn't it.

Love the copper rivets.

The evening light has been simply gorgeous.

We've also been helping Lovely Oliver to move house, setting up home with his girlfriend, a momentous event and so wonderful to see them starting out their life journey together.

Hard work though lots of lifting and shifting. 
We rewarded ourselves with a delicious summery swiss roll!

In between times I've been spinning away on my trusty wheel.
Two shades of purple.

Gorgeous merino a joy to spin and I'm getting better at keeping it all even and fine.
And as always such a relaxing thing to do.

Doesn't that look scrummy like a purple cloud!

I've plied 3 skeins so far with two more to do.
How gorgeous is that!!!!!

I had a go at navajo plying too, made my head spin to read the instructions but when I actually did it,
 it was more straightforward than I thought.
I've put it on my list of spinning adventures.

And after a super busy weekend we popped out on Sunday evening to try and catch the Supermoon.
Yeah there it is.....not.........too many clouds but what a wonderful evening!

It did show it's face later on and very lovely it was too!

In other news. 
My Mum is no better and we have no news as to what might be the problem. 
She's in alot of pain most of the time and understandably getting very fed up!
It's a worry, a big worry.
It's all keeping me very busy!
Wishing you all a sunny week.


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