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Back at the wheel...........

........ Literally
I've been struck down with a hideous virus, laid low in all ways. It's a hazard of working with small children! But I'm back behind the wheel now. 
 Back to work today armed with a supply of tissues and cough sweets, my life is so glamorous.
Now I feel I should warn you at this point, this is a looooong post.
Get yourself a cuppa and a little treat, get comfy, ready, here we go then!

So I've been back at my spinning wheel. Fighting this yarn once more, you may remember the sorry tale of the felted roving
I managed to spin some at the time.
Boy it was hard work.
Now I don't know what the logic was but I decided to get my spinning mojo back I'd spin some nearly impossible felt.
Yuh it was even harder than I remembered!
I thought my fingers were going to drop off.

I didn't worry too much about spinning it too fine and I found that drafting it by pulling it apart across the roving rather than along it's length made the job alot easier.

But I was very glad to see the back of it and to be honest it did serve the purpose of reminding me of all those little spinning tricks I've picked up over the past few months.
Best of all I ended up with something usable.
So after winding onto my niddy noddy(Did you notice my Lovely Man made it for me) and skeining it up I set the ply in the usual way.
Soaking gently in lukewarm water.

Rinsed again really gently no running water on it, I kind of hold my breath when I'm carrying out these delicate operations, because I really don't want to end up with more 

Squeezed dry in a towel and left to dry in our spare room.

Finally the plied skein crocheted into a fancy pair of fingerless gloves for Lovely Man who suffers with cold fingers (It's a Parkinson's thing)
This is before the thumb was added!

Very pleased with this project.
And my mojo is back.
Glorious BFL and silk mix.

Look how fine it wants to be!
Oh a dream to spin too, just flew out of my fingers.

A very lively single yarn

Soft and snuggly, destined to be a scarf for me.

I ordered some dyes from a lovely Etsy shop Sweet Gorgeous Things

10 x All in one acid dye - 23 colours to choose from.

They arrived super quick and I just HAD to give them a go.
Wow such vibrant colours from such a tiny amount of dye and so easy to use.
I made candyfloss colour!
Love it!

Anyway I think we're all caught up now, on the spinning front at least.
Hope I haven't bored you all too much, thanks for reading and commenting on my ramblings. 
It means alot to me!
What d'you fancy next time?
photos, crochet, cooking, gardening!
Lets wait and see what pops up shall we.


  1. Awesome spinning had produced some awesome yarn! I love the gloves that you knitted and the pink yarn is to dye for (ha ha)...can't wait to read your next post...oh, and get well soon :)

    1. Thanks Sarah. Have already started knitting a scarf with the pink yarn just HAD to see how it knitted up. By the way it's gorgeous!!! Am feeling a bit better now will be much better come the weekend. x


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