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Show and Tell 2013

Hello have you missed me, I've been busy, what with trips to the North and work, time just runs away with usual!
And I forgot, it's that time of year when family and friends gather together for our now annual.
More rosettes to be won!
(warning this is a long post)

Much feverish preparation.
Tom and Jacob took over the kitchen.

Actually Tom took over the dining room too.
Don't ask...........the results were very popular though!

Little bit of rule breaking as Mum and Auntie Trissie helped 
Heather sort her fudge topping out, hmmm sure the rules said no assistance allowed!!!

Jacob's lemon curd puff pastry creations.
Very popular.

White chocolate cheesecake by Tom.
Frankly divine!

Just a small selection of the cakes.

and confectionery (did you spot my Turkish Delight)

Plenty of infusions and home brew. Way hey, lots of people walked home!!

Like last year judging was taken very seriously

Yarncraft corner

Lovely little knitted fairy!

Photographs (unedited)

Photographs (creative)

These three ladies spent ages deciding which spirits were best and I mean ages!!!!!

Last years Photography winner trying out the cakes

Oh the choice, honestly we were so full cos as well as all the cakes there were jars of jams, chutney, marmalade and gorgeous breads of ever description. 
Didn't manage to snap them couldn't get near enough!

After fair and scrupulous scoring the winners were declared.

Brilliant fun again, do it, have a Show and Tell yourselves it's such a lovely way to spend time together and everyone had a go at something............the prizes are just a bonus.

So now what next.
A bit of relaxation and finish my blanket,
Be back later in the week to show you.
Just wanted to say thank you for coming and visiting me in my little world, I love to share and your comments and visits mean alot to me.


  1. Wow, that looked like fun. I want to come! I'd help with the judging, actually I'd want to join in too as I'm (secretly) very competitive! Maybe you could sell tickets, bit too far to travel really though, sadly!

    1. Ha ha we're thinking we might need to get a field and marquee for next year LOL! Why don't you have your own Show and Tell? I'm sure lots of your friends have hobbies and talents you don't even know about and would love to share given have a chance, especially if there's a prize!!!!!

  2. That's so lovely - the stuff real life should be made of.

    1. Thanks Claire, it was lovely it seems the people in my life are a very talented bunch!


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