Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A Blanket Ta-Dah and more!

It's finished!
So happy with this lovely creation, even if it didn't work out quite as I'd planned.
Over 200 gorgeous grannies and it's a lovely generous size 146cm x 135cm.

I know it all went a bit wrong but I am happy with how it's all turned out.
I get to make another one with the rest of my daisy granny squares

I kept the border simple just wanted the squares to be the focus.
It looks great on our coffee table doesn't it.

D'you like the table?
We love the table!
It came to live with us this weekend courtesy of a neighbours front garden.
Unwanted, unloved and made of pine.
"Yeh take it they said save us dumping it"
It's solid pine, it amazes me that people can just dump perfectly gorgeous stuff, but oh the joy of giving it a new home.

Well a bit of trimming and cutting and routing and 
Hey Presto a beautiful BIG coffee table.
Looks perfect in our lounge.
So perfect I felt we needed some other little embellishments.

A jolly pouffe, using some Ikea fabric that I had in my stash.

I also used some pretty bobble trim!

There you are!
New table, new blanket, new pouffe.
It's enough for one weekend isn't it.

Well no actually, gripped by a creative fervour I needed a cushion. Snipping and measuring I used the last of the fabric to make a pretty little cushion cover.
Just had enough!

And a pretty crochet edge with some green cotton yarn.
I've never added a trim to fabric before.
I love it!
Finishes the edge beautifully.

Seems our lounge has had a stealthy makeover this weekend all triggered by someone throwing something away!
I love that, I love how one creative thing sparks another. I love how things can just evolve so beautifully. I love that I have things in my home that delight me because I've been part of their story. A story that begins before they are mine and a story that I've added to.
But most of all I love that I MAKE THINGS!
I'm hoping to get some spinning done this week, I'm a bit rusty.
Oh and finally a quick bird update, no Blue Tits in our nest box this year but they are enjoying the fat balls at the end of the garden!
See you soon


  1. WOW! You have been busy and everything you have made looks amazing - your home is looking so cosy :)

  2. Fabulous everything! Every time I struggle to get my shoulders and toes under my crochet blanket, I wish I'd stuck it out and made it bigger - so well done :)


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