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Uh oh problem!

First I will apologise for the quality of these photos. It's dark but I needed to share the thrill of completion!


That's alot of squares and don't they look great.

All piled up ready to grow into a beautiful blanket.

But wait a minute.
What's this?
Different sizes!
How did I not notice this, what on earth have I done? How did I manage this!



I guess that's what happens when you take a bloomin year to make something.
(Note to self write down all your hook sizes etc when you start)
Well it's a bit of a conundrum, what shall I do? 
I have 185ish larger squares and 
283ish smaller ones.
Two blankets maybe?
Here are the smaller ones all laid out, look pretty don't they.

Oh what to do?
I'm off to imbibe a large glass of something strong to console myself LOL!


  1. I would make 2 blankets!! They look very pretty.

  2. Try to make on the little ones 1 row of sc. and devide with the others. (I always write down of all my wip's the number of my hook.) Succes.

  3. Oh no!

    Both suggestions you've had so far are good, wonder which you'll choose... Good luck!

    I've forgotten which hook size I used on my granny blanket. I've finished the squares but have still to do the border (currently sewing in ends), fortunately I have photos somewhere of me making it, just hope I can see the hook size on them.

    1. Oh d'you know what I'm so glad it's not just me LOL! I've started crocheting the smaller squares together there's loads so I think I'll have a decent sized blanket when I've finished! Good luck with your blanket. ♥

  4. Two lovely blankets, I think.
    Thank you for inspiring me to struggle to crochet, some time ago.
    As I wasn't sleeping well I worked in the wee small hours and made one large square in cream for a cushion cover front.
    Next I started what will have to be a huge square as it is supposed to be a blanket one day. Just round and round and round ... in different colours. (I don't like stitching small squares together!)
    Well, its only cushion size so far as at last I'm sleeping quite well recently - it will be a long term project!!
    I have a project, making 40 cards a month to sell for charity, which takes most of my waking time.
    Best wishes, Connie.

    1. Hi Connie so glad you picked up your hook again, such a relaxing hobby I find and you'll have a beautiful blanket to snuggle under eventually!!!!
      I'm in awe of your 40 cards a month project........serious crafting and gorgeous I'm sure.
      Let's hope the sun arrives soon and we can venture outside to look at our waterlogged gardens! x

  5. Oh i feel for you - once because of the sizing error and then again because of all that sewing up you have to do :(


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