Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Grannies Galore!

Ta Dah!



Just some ends to sew in
(still no volunteers I see)

Followed by a pretty white border round each one.
And sew them all together!!!!!!
Best I get cracking.
Hope you're having a good week.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fabulous yarn!!!!

From this

and this

I've made 

Have a gorgeous weekend I'm busy spinning and plying and smiling sooooo much.
I love yarn don't you!

Lots of Love

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Spinning Delight!

It's alright we can relax. 
Dyed my merino without turning it into felt.

I had a read of this tutorial which was full of excellent advice and armed with the mantra
'do not agitate' 
I set to it.
Still a bit stressful though.
So here's what I did.

Here's my merino all weighed out.

Into the sink to soak. This was hard because I just left it to soak and didn't push it into the water, it took ages to soak up the water. 
There is water under that roving!
Oh and it was lukewarm.

The wool is naturally water resistant.

While that was happening I made up my dye solution.
This is the fun part it reminds me of painting when I was a little girl the
 magic of discovering new colours.

A splash of red in there too.

Oooooo lovely

Into the pot, this pot is perfect it's big and fairly shallow.
I forgot to photograph it but I made sure the water in the pot was the same temperature as the water the roving was soaked in...........I used a thermometer, oh yes taking NO chances.

I left the roving soaking for about an hour, it could probably have been left for longer, but hey i needed to get on!

So very carefully I placed it all into the pot. 
I didn't touch it again, I didn't even breath on it.
No felt in my pot thank you very much!

The water was heated really slowly, then on with the lid.
And wait. After twenty minutes or so I turned off the heat.
Then just waited, didn't touch it, didn't even peek. 

Bit tricky waiting. so tense, what was in there beautiful yarn or felt?
I had to go out!
 A nice long walk along the seafront.

Seven miles of blustery fresh air, gorgeous.
And back home the pot all cooled down and ready to rinse.
at that!!!!!!

Out with the thermometer to make sure the rinsing water was the same as the dye pot water.
Gentle, gentle.
 Stunning colour.

I laid it onto a towel and gently squeezed out most of the water, then laid it out to dry flat.

Once just damp I put it out in the sunshine to air.
Doesn't it look amazing, so soft and snuggly.
I was so relieved.
I've learnt alot from this dyeing process, you can't hurry the process and agitation is a crime against yarn!
I feel more confident about future dyeing endeavours. 

So here it is all spun and ready to finish.
I'm one happy lady!

I think this will be turned into a beautiful soft scarf for my Lovely Man.
See you soon

Friday, 16 November 2012

Spinning Disaster

Well I think you know what I'm going to say, don't you.

I didn't win the roving wrestling wrangle. No, after one very painful bobbin of lumpy yarn I've given up. It's impossible to spin. I drafted, I carded, I picked out the lumps, swore............alot and rubbed my aching fingers!

It's way to lumpy to put with the other yarn!

Look! You can see the difference.

My friends it's not going to spin, I have 8oz of green felt, nice.

So I've ordered some more roving which should arrive later today and I shall maybe, if I pluck up the courage dye it this weekend, or maybe I shall spin it first then dye it........oh I don't know I'm all befuddled now, I don't think I could cope with anymore felt! 
Any ideas, what will be the best thing to do? Any tips on dyeing merino will be gratefully received.

In the meantime I've been consoling myself with some relaxing hooking. I'm still making my little daisy granny squares, only 8 more colours to finish, that's 104 squares left to do!

That's a basket full of happiness right there isn't it!
Have a great Friday.
Lots of Love

P.S I've had to turn on that pesky word verification thingy, I hate it but I'm being swamped with spam which is never a good thing!!!!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

More adventures from the spinning wheel.......

fighting felted fibres

Hey, hey where on earth do the days go!
Have you all been as busy as me..........I know, you have haven't you.

So I've been busy with my dye pot, what do you think of these little beauties?
Merino roving dyed with Ashford dyes and spun very fine (well just a few lumps)
pretty aren't they.
I was going to keep them as singles and hook up a delicious poncho.........
......but then I thought that maybe I needed a slightly thicker yarn to work with, so out with the dye pot again. I know what I'm doing now I can dye stuff no problem.

It all started off just fine, here's my roving soaking in some delicious smelling vinegary water.
No problem there, cos I know how to dye yarn, right.

And I mixed up the dye colour I wanted, just a green to blend with the colours on the singles.
It's a bit greener than the camera shows, anyway I loved it.

And into the pot, still no hint of  a problem. 
Oh apart from not wearing gloves and dying my fingers green, no really, green!

Now the first problem emerged, the colour wasn't dark enough so I had to add more dye. No photo I was flying around the kitchen by now.
Had to throw in some more vinegar too!
And people, taking a deep breath now.............
.......................I stirred the pot..............I know, stirred it! What an idiot, anyone who knows anything about dyeing knows.
What was I thinking of. 
And it took an age for the dye bath to exhaust, I'm sure that added to the end result.
A very long sausage of green felt.
Oh dear

And here it is like a dinosaurs innards waiting for me to wrestle it into some spinnable lengths.
On a positive note the colour is gorgeous.

I've split it into very thin lengths and have managed to spin a bobbin up, but OMG hard work or what!
So anyway I'm hanging my head and saying.
 I broke the rules and I'm being punished by the gods of spin.
Lesson learnt though, back to the text book for me.
I'll let you know who wins the wrestling match!
Lots of love

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

All Change!

Big News (no not Obama winning)
My phone is fixed, sorted hooray!
And back to normal.
 I've been playing with my yarns. A bit of spinning and a bit of crochet. My daisy blanket is coming on nicely now, still had no volunteers to sew in the granny square ends though.
Now do you remember this yarn?
I dyed it with food colouring and spun it up as a single and I was very pleased with it.
Being merino it's incredibly soft and fluffy perfect for a snuggly scarf.
So that's what I've been doing.

A nice easy lacy pattern taken from this book I used the V stitch lattice pattern, very, very easy.

Do you like it, it's pretty.
But not really colours that I'd wear very often and I want to wear it........often.

So out with the dye pot and after a bit of overdying.
Ta Dah

What do you think, now I 
it's just perfect goes with practically everything I own 

Merino so soft so light so delicious

So cosy round my neck!
I love the variations in colour.
I'm calling it my Perfect Purple Scarf

And I'm wearing it to work today.
I love, love, love dyeing wool. It is officially the best fun you can have with vinegar and food colouring!
I have also been dyeing up some merino with actual proper Ashford dyes.
Can't wait to show you how that turned out.................oooooooo it's beautiful with a capital B.
Right I'm off splatter paint firework painting today yipee.
Lots of love


Monday, 5 November 2012


I love blogging really I do and I'd love to spend more time chatting with you but, I can't seem to get to my blog. Things seem to conspire against me and I just can't get to you!
Take this week.
Half term, loads of time, you'd think.
By the time I took out the family time, catching up with friends time, home blessing time, the Mum can you do me a favour time! 
I thought I'd be able to write a couple of posts and share some crafty goings on.
That was before.
The phone farce!!!!!
I have a new phone, it's smart apparently only it's not, it's broke, well it's not broke's just not working.............well when I say not working it's waiting................for the network to allow me to use it............................that's after I've waited A DAY already. Actually I've been waiting since Thursday. Yeh that's right no phone since Thursday people, oh and did I mention, when my phone broke it lost each and everyone of my contacts!
What doesn't help is the Geeks (you know who they are Carphone Warehouse) put my new sim card into the phone............wait for it..............THE WRONG WAY ROUND I know.
 I'm feeling slightly frazzled!

By the end of the day I'm hoping to do two things, only little things not much to ask.
Make a phone call and send a text.
We'll see, I'll keep you posted. 
Do me a favour will you, cross your fingers for me today.
Lots of love