Friday, 31 August 2012

Spinning around!

I'm having a rest from holiday blimin many!
And blogger has refused to let me post for some reason( arghhh).
I wanted to write an informative post about my Chelsea bun making session, but NO.
So here are the (very) edited highlights.
As you can see I only just had time to snap them as the locusts descended LOL!
I've been much inspired by this and this.

So there you go, I'll be making these again using  Delia's brilliant recipe.

Right onto other matters.
I've been spinning, yes you heard right,
You may remember back in April my lovely friend Jo brought her wheel and I had a little dabble.
Not good I was rubbish!
So yesterday I spent the day with Jo and she patiently showed me the technique, again and again
But then suddenly it all clicked and I was off fantastic fun.
D'you want to see what I produced?

Top skein, my first spinnings, gorgeous isn't it LOL.
It's very, very lumpy but it is spun.
Last night I produced the bottom skein, how did you do that Sue did you refuse to go home?
I hear yo ask.


Jo has lent me her wheel, doesn't it look lovely sat in my lounge.
I had the most fun in ages spinning away last night and can't wait to have another go today.
I'm going for the string vest look........for my Lovely Man!
One day maybe I'll make something like thisthis and this!
Well a girl can dream can't she.

Right I'm off to spin and spin but also to get outside in the glorious sunshine, what a beautiful day.
Last weekend of the holiday.
Better make the most of it.
Back soon 
Lots of love

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Holiday fun........part 5

Did you have a good Bank Holiday weekend? 
Last week of the holidays for me, I must admit the thought of going back to work does not fill me with unbridled joy! I do love being at home.
I like exploring new places too.
Southwold turned out to be one of our favourite places on our holiday.
Lovely little town with a lighthouse right in the middle of it, I mean in the back gardens!


Southwold also boasts a rather gorgeous tea room
Tilly's tearoom we had delicious teacakes and coffee before we headed off for one of the most gorgeous beaches ever.

Now if I tell you about this beach you
to keep it secret because too many people would spoil it!
How stunning is this and that sand was powder soft.

Looking back you can just make out Southwold pier and 
somewhere in that water was a seal.......... watching.

Covehithe is a secret gem on the Suffolk coast constantly changing thanks to erosion.

We came across many tree stumps on the beach.

And spent a wonderful few hours walking along the waterline picking up treasure.

The beach passes a nature reserve with it's lake just feet from the sea.
Teeming with birds and wildlife.

So peaceful

We walked until the sun was setting, letting the atmosphere soak into our souls.

I'd go back in a heart beat.

And that's how we felt alot of the time on this holiday.
Relaxed, peaceful, restored.
Suffolk we'll be back.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Holiday fun...........part 4

After our early morning we decided a gentle day was in order so off to Thorpness we went.
Have you been there? You need to go, it's amazing.
Built as a holiday village by Glencairn Stuart Ogilvie in1910 in a Tudor style it looks really ancient, but's not!
A bit like a film set! There's an air of St Mary Mead about the place, you get my drift!
We liked it.
Hope you like it too.
We did the old fashioned thing and hired a rowing boat, it's a kind of old fashioned place!

It was very quiet.

Even the ducks were quiet!

Around the lake we rowed found a secluded's a big lake,
 and enjoyed lunch afloat.
We caught glimpses of The House in the Clouds

How mad is that! You can see it for miles

So of course we took a stroll to get a closer look. Past the very posh Golf Club, let me tell you there were people in jackets and ties in there, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

Here it is.
It's a water tower and the top floor (the house) is actually a games room!
Next door is this gorgeous windmill in the process of being restored.

Just reminds me of a model village, only full size.

This impressive entrance led through to some tennis courts.
Where some very polite teenagers were full tennis kit!

We really enjoyed our stroll around Thorpness even though it was a bit surreal!
I though this was a quintessential English scene, roses round the door and an old BSA bicycle.

Strange and wonderful place.
Did you like it?

Leaving Thorpness behind we returned to the real world, did you see that curtain twitch!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Holiday Fun............part 3

So day 3 was meant to be a gentle ride through the countryside.
Ha ha ha ha! 
Foolish folk, what did it do yesterday.....yeh rain, quite alot, there were always going to be puddles weren't there!
Off road oh yes hardcore stuff!

Also rather unexpected, huge farm machinery dodging, we had to dive into the nearest bush cos we don't even think he saw us!!!!!

Out in the fields and into the hot sunshine we spent ages enjoying these gorgeous wild flowers.

There's nothing prettier than Mother Natures planting!

Not so pretty.

A well earned rest and refuelling stop, check out the healthy snack!

So a quiet day and an evening spent cleaning Suffolk sand off our bike chains.
Early night.
Early morning.
Thanks to those pesky mozzies, OMG the itching it just went on and on, by 4 o'clock I'd given up with sleep.
Since we were awake we got out and about along Aldeburgh beach to watch the sunrise.
What a wonderful way to start the day, there are no words that can describe how beautiful it was.
Enjoy the photos taken at Maggie Hambling's gorgeous sculpture.

A stroll back along the beach and home for breakfast.
And it was still only 7.30am!

Later we walked up the coast to Thorpness, but I'll tell you all about that tomorrow.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Holiday Fun.........part 2

 After the exertions of Day 1 we decided to take it easy on Day 2.
Just a little stroll along the shingle beach towards Orford Ness a spot of beach combing and a delicious picnic.
The weather was HOT but look at those clouds

We watched the showers sweeping across the sky all around us.

Look we were the only people in the world!
The long path spreads out in front of us............actually it's no path just shingle, ever walked a long way on shingle...........hard work!

We never made it to the end of the spit it's miles away! And after a delicious sandwich and snooze in the sunshine we made a hasty retreat as thunder and lightening arrived! You know I said we were the only people in the world............uh ha we were the tallest thing around as well arghhhhhhhh!
Let me tell you it's even harder to walk on shingle crouched down LOL!
But look at the colour of the sky and sea as the storm passed.

Back indoors just in time as the rain started!

Lovely Man enjoyed a bit of bag making with nets we beachcombed.

We filled this bag with found goodies!
Day 3
On the bikes and off to Snape Maltings via the byways!

Through the woods

A bit of a longer ride than we thought so we treated ourselves.
Lovely coffee and cakes.

It's a lovely place on the river estuary so pretty...........
so full of mosquitoes! Ah yes I mentioned them before didn't I.

We left the maltings and headed for Woodbridge.
Don't be deceived by the beautiful sky we battled through torrential rain to get here! Worth it though a beautiful town full of historic buildings and lovely boats.

Now those pesky mosquitoes had feasted heartily on me and by the time we got here my leg looked like I had some terrible disease! OMG the itching unbelievable...........I was very good I didn't scratch them. But my leg was just getting bigger and bigger and turning a funny colour so I went to the chemist.
Erghhhh he said you need to see a doctor that looks infected!!!!!!!!!
We treked the 20 odd miles back to Aldeburgh and after a sleepness night of NOT scratching and being kept awake by the itching I visited the local Docs. Not infected just a severe reaction, plenty of insect repellent and cover up............'what about the itching doc?' His advice don't scratch............arghhhhhh!
The rest of my holiday was spent reeking of  insect repellent Mmmmmm attractive!
Holidays can be hard work.