Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Getting Organised

One of the best things about being on holiday is having time to
Something I really enjoy!
Today it was the turn of my wardrobe.
Firstly I hoiked  the contents of said wardrobe onto the bed.
I was rather hoping Howard would get the hint,

Nah, he has his stubborn face on.
Anyway seems I have alot of clothes.
Right lets get started.
(Oh in case you're wondering the feathery thing above the mirror was made for me by lovely Jacob, on the wood it says 'best mum', I know ahhhhh. He was about 6 when he made this.)
Where were we?

Lets look inside the empty cupboard, great vintage vibe going on here, don't you think?
Can't bring myself to decorate inside this cupboard, this wallpaper is proper vintage!
Pretty isn't it.

Well I've sorted the long sleeves from the short.

Yeah kicked Howard off, the bed's not big enough for the both of us!
Hmmm some kind of order, I think?????

OMG a very ancient CandA top buried at the bottom.
I love this top!

To iron or not to iron. Not to iron I think, I'll never get finished, just fold then.

Lovely neat piles of pretty clothes.

I've found tops that I haven't worn for ages, it's like going shopping without the pain!
I've finally parted company with my most favourite pair of trousers EVER!
I mean look at them........ really would I wear these with my bottom hanging out,
no sireee!
They've found their way into my fabric stash.
Hmmm that's not clearing them out I hear you say.
One step at a time ladies!

So into the wardrobe go my piles of beautifully folded clothes.

Looks lovely doesn't it, I can see at a glance what I've got.

A bit of a shuffle around and everything fits in perfectly.

I've managed to throw out quite alot of stuff!
All bagged up for the clothes bank now.

Well done me I'm very pleased with my mornings work.
And I discovered some interesting facts.
1. My wardrobe is quite coordinated, lots of purples pinks and greens.
2. Some of my most favourite clothes are from Charity shops.
3. I am mainly size 8/10 and have been for years cos some of my clothes are ancient!
4. I don't need to buy anything for ages cos I can put together some new looks with stuff I haven't worn for yonks.
 5. I find it difficult to get rid of things, my clothes have sentimental value to them and anyway. What goes around comes around doesn't it!
Right what's next on my Get Organised list, ah yes packing.
holiday's coming! That's going to be blissful now I can see what I've got.
Gold medal to me for a good mornings work!
Are you good at sorting or is it just a bore?
See ya

Monday, 30 July 2012

At last a post about CROCHET!

How was your weekend? Hot I hope.
Watch the Olympic opening ceremony, we did, bonkers wasn't it. I thought it was very clever and different and completely British. And yes our Queen rocks!!!!!
Anyway I've been busy with my hook, mainly outdoors, lovely.
So to business.
If you are a bicycle rider you will be familiar with the sticky handle grips problem, 
you know when they wear out YUK!
Mine have worn out. I know I'll get some new ones I thought to myself, couldn't find any, well I could but they were BORING!
So I made some, yarn from my stash, cotton acrylic.
Single crochet circles then round and round till they were long enough.
I'd left the old grips on and just rolled the new ones on the top!

Ta Dah!
Cool aren't they, and so comfy on my hands.

Also been crocheting up a storm with this lovely ripple rainbow. It goes with the cushion I made a few weeks ago. An order for a lovely lady who's turning her daughters bedroom into a rainbow paradise!

As requested some gorgeous fringing.

All ready to send off.

Hope she likes it

How could she not, a little bit of sunshine to snuggle under!
If I was a little girl I'd love it!!!!
I've really enjoyed this project, rippling is a very relaxing pattern to do and the blanket grew quite quickly,  taking just over a month to make, mainly in the evenings so not bad progress.
The yarn is as you've probably guessed  Stylecraft special acrylic which hooks up beautifully, has a gorgeous  drape and is so easy to look after which makes it perfect for small children!
Have a few ideas for my next project, need something to take on holiday with me!
Oh my HOLIDAY.............
...........must get organised!
Off to Suffolk at the weekend, right I'm off to write some lists and dig out my suitcase!
See you soon

Friday, 27 July 2012

Sad news

Feel a bit sad this evening having heard that a swan on our local common has died.
I've been photographing this magnificent swan for a few years now, and he really was an amazing creature. This summer he and his mate had hatched seven cygnets as they did last year. whenever I walked over the common I always made sure to go take a look and have a little chat, frankly he had alot of attitude and always complained when I tried to get a close up!
A few weeks ago he was attacked by a dog and now we learn of his demise. 
You can read the story here.

Such a terrible avoidable death of such a noble animal.
I'm not a dog person.
But I don't object to dogs being off their leads mooching around, however they need to be well trained and supervised and their owners need to be mindful that where wild animals are they should take extra care.
That's what I think.
Doesn't seem much to me.
Thanks for listening

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fabulous Flickr!

Enjoying the sunshine
Have been living outdoors, breakfast, lunch and dinner all eaten al fresco. How bout you? Enjoying the weather, hope so.
I've just renewed my Flickr subscription for another year and was surprised to see I've been  Flickering for three years. Doesn't time fly!
If you don't know about Flickr it's a wonderful photo sharing website.
So I thought I'd share some of my highlights.
First photo uploaded.
Yay Wally!

My most popular photo!

Most  'interesting' photo!
If you Flickr you'll know what that means, it's a mysterious thing!

So why do I like it?
 Well before Flickr I used the internet for a few things like shopping and fact finding. I didn't realise the whole wonderful world of inspiration that was out there!
Because of Flickr I've honed my photography skills and have had a couple used by companies in their advertising!
I love taking photos and love being able to share all those snaps that would otherwise just disappear into my computer files.
It's the first place I look when I want to find ANYTHING!
Going on holiday, check out the place, want to make something, browse through some brilliant photos, looking for colour schemes, yup check out Flickr
I have some awesome contacts, check out these people, I adore their photostreams
Ken, his bird shots are mesmerising.
Chris, if you make cakes amaze at Chris's wonderful creations.
Emma, If you blog you'll know Emma, her crochet is beautiful and makes me want to crochet all day, everyday!
Snowshoe Hare, whose flower shots are just magical!
I could go on forever, all my contacts inspire and delight me. I've been encouraged to push the boundaries of my creativity, learn new skills, resurrect old ones and generally have so much fun.
I've discovered the world of blogging which is fab and follow some amazing blogs too!
All this began with the desire to share a few snapshots. I always loved to make and create but never seemed to find like minded people to share with. The internet has allowed me to find 
What a journey! The sort of people that if you bumped into would click with immediately and be busy making and doing together. D'you know what else has happened, my Mum who hadn't picked up a crochet hook for years had a go recently and made a gorgeous cushion cover and another friend has just started spinning again after many years of no spinning. Friends at my work are starting to have a go. It's brilliant . Inspiration spreads!
So I'm a very happy girl
Thank you if you are a Flickr friend.
 Thank you if you are a blog friend.
 Lets keep sharing the wonderful creativity that is out there!
See you soon

Monday, 23 July 2012

Summer sunset!

Just relaxing, chillaxing, kicking back, zoning out, chilling, lazing around. 
Yup the holidays have arrived, sooooo lovely, so ready for them too.
How you all doing hope the sun is warming your back, are you spending time doing lovely things with your families and friends, hope so. Can't beat that.
 Hope you're getting outside and feeling the warm.........WARM breeze. 
Summer sunset! by Sue Webb ♥

Yeah just taking it easy here. 
Very easy!
See you soon

I'll be back with some projects we've been working on later in the week, they're good ones too!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Happy Birthday Mum!

 Here she is
The Birthday Girl 

My Mum always lovely, always there for me.
Lovely Man made her some delicious Chelsea Buns which we hotfooted round on our bikes this morning for coffee! The smell of warm buns wafting out of my bike basket as we rode!

Of course they were fab and Mum was suitably impressed being acknowledged as an EXPERT on all things baked, Dad was pleased cos they were man sized.
Now I know all our Mums are special but mine really is.
She has seen me through many, many life traumas. 
She is brilliant at everything she does (although she'd disagree). 
She worked hard to make our childhoods wonderful. 
I think if I had to have a motto for her it would be.

Why buy when you can make!

Yeah she made everything, including matching Aran sweaters for all of us Dad included, some very gorgeous tank tops from scrap wool! But best of all she made me wonderful dresses and when I was little the most perfect Humpty Dumpty toy, big too! I loved him till he fell apart. ( I was a grown up when this happened.........and I cried!)
She taught me how to cook and sew and grow and knit, all those things that make a home.
She's a fabulous Nanny to my children too, always ready with a food parcel, spare funds or a place to stay.
As a family we are truly blessed to have such a special lady at our heart.
So Happy Birthday Mum
We love you!
Photo taken in 1966 on the Isle of Wight ferry, this is after our day out and she still looks glamorous!
Check out my wrinkly tights, brother Gary in a fetching home knit and brother Michael with his chubby knees! Cute!
I'm a very lucky lady.
Lots of love

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Oh what a night!

Well I ask you what's a girl to do on a wet Wednesday night.
Yeah, get glammed up and head out for an evening of sparkling wit and repartee with her girlfriends.
A meal out at the local carvery.
Look good don't we.
Marian Marsh and friends, having fun with makeup.
C. 1930s

Oh there's nothing more uplifting than spending time with your friends.
We talked and laughed and talked and laughed until we couldn't breath!
I love my friends, always there when things get tricky. 
They have seen me through some difficult times over recent months.
Sometimes it seems an effort to catch up with people, we're all very busy and time deprived aren't we. But let me tell you , there is nothing more precious than time with people you love be it family or friends. 

No alcohol needed!
Of course our conservation was highly intellectual.
and we didn't cackle.......no not at all!
Non the worse for wear by the time we got home!

Interesting Old Photographs

As I fell into bed last night I felt very lucky to have such gorgeous friends to spend time with.
Thanks ladies it was magnificent.
Lots of love

Monday, 9 July 2012

Make your own sun!

Don't panic, I haven't floated away just been busy, that's all.
How time flies, nearly a whole week since I last popped by.
I been immersing myself in these gorgeous colours
..........aren't they lovely, can't be sad looking at them can you.
So a little Ta Dah!
A double sided rainbow cushion, an order for a lovely customer.

Rainbow happiness on both sides,
with lovely bobbles as buttons.
Now I'm busy with the matching ripple blanket soon I'm going to be buried under a colour explosion, won't need to look out of the window at all!
Although it's not all bad out there, look how lush my garden looks,
everything is growing so well.

And I think I know where the sun is...........
.....................look hiding in my pond, what an amazing colour this lily is,
 look at the yellow, beautiful isn't it, such an uplifting colour.

I think that's the best thing to do folks,
 make your own sunshine however you can, surround yourself with brightness and light.
How are you keeping your spirits up in all this greyness?
Do your crafting efforts help to lift your mood on these miserable days?
Lets all cross our fingers and hope that soon the sun will come out.
Lots of love.
Your wellie wearing friend

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Hello folks,
  before I get down to today's business just wanted to say thanks to all of you who played along with Spot the difference. Really made me laugh and you eagle eyed Miss Marples spotted a mistake I hadn't, brilliant!

Is it raining where you are?
Have you got out your old boots and woolies?
Is your body beach ready in anticipation of the long summer holiday?
Probably not.
Apparently it's been the wettest June since records began!
why do weathermen always say that,
so bloomin what.
I'm thinking of building an ark.

So to cheer us all up and bring a smile to our faces I thought I'd share this video with you.

Enjoy with my love.

Made ya laugh didn't it!