Monday, 30 April 2012

Show and Tell Results Show!

Remember I was busy.
Oh my goodness what a blast, 
what a fantastic way to spend an evening. Friends and family brought all manner of goodies for our Show and Tell. Much more than we expected, people really entered into the spirit of things. Honestly if you want to have fun hold a Show and Tell evening!
We had eight categories.

Chutney and Pickle
Jams and Jelly
Photos and Pictures

Early setup looked promising,
Lovely Man's delicious bread, my Mum's famous swiss roll and our jam and jelly!

Once folk started to arrive things very quickly began to fill up.

My brother came with a Curios entry of Parsnip soup!

The stakes were high, who wouldn't want a rosette!

Adam popped in to inspect the photos.

The lovely Jo really pushed the boat out and brought her spinning wheel.
We all had a go, It's soooo tricky.
That wheel went very, very fast and kept grabbing the yarn out of my hands.

Jo thought I may have more success on the chopstick and potato.
Ta Dah!
Yeh I made that, gorgeous isn't it.... even and smooth LOL!

Some were more adept than me.
Soon have enough for a scarf there Helen.

Very soon things hotted up and 
The Judging commenced. 

Serious business


so much to consider

so much to taste

hmm sometimes we had to go back

and try it all again!

The people deliberated, pondered and examined 

My dad's photo entry featured many of us dancing in our group Chequered Flag, sneaky. As someone said "If I'm in the picture it's got my vote!!!!"

My photos were scrutinised
(not on their sides, Blogger won't let me turn this photo, why?)

Garys featured some exotic animals.

The photos were all great,
and varied

There was food too(as if we needed it!)
Including for all your seventies children 
Evaporated milk jelly
Fluffy Cloud
Ah the memories!

Very popular it was too!

Winners were chosen and presented with their prizes!

The final winning line up.
Guess what Lovely Man won the photo section (lovely picture of a breakwater)
Me and my brother didn't get a look in, serves us right for being competitive LOL.
Mum won the Jam and jelly, stupendous marmalade!
I won the yarncraft with my mermaid!

What an evening, what fun, we're already planning next years event, with a new category of Origami!
Hope you had a fabulous weekend.

Friday, 27 April 2012


It's a busy weekend here in beautiful Baffins.
We have a gathering of friends and family tomorrow night for ceremonial tasting of our homemade cider!
It was a real team effort as you can see, and this year.

So we decided to celebrate all things homemade and crafty and invited people to
Show and Tell!
We have jams, baking, photos, yarny stuff well allsorts really.

And the winners will go away with  one of these gorgeous rosettes!

I'll let you know how it goes, 
I'm in hot competition with my brother (very competitive) in the photo category, whilst Lovely Man and Jacob are fighting it out in the baking (I fear sabotage!)
Oh yes and to keep things going with a swing they'll be a whole heap of musicians playing some lively tunes.
( it's ok I've warned the neighbours)
It's going to be mad and fun!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I won something!

I'm so delighted, 
because today when I got home from a particularly stressful day, this was waiting for me!
I won it
I know, I can't believe it.
Those lovely 
had a giveaway and this gorgeous bag is all mine.

Isn't it fab! 
I can see it resting in my bicycle basket full of delicious goodies to eat.

So beautifully made, with a lovely little heart attached
 and a lovely little extra one too!
Really cheered me up, like Christmas..........
in April!

Thanks again lovely 
If you don't know their blog go and take a look it's full of gorgeous bags, crochet and quilts. 
Made with beautiful thrift shop finds. 
You'll want one I know you will!
Enjoy the rest of your week.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Foray into Felt!

 Happy Weekend to you!
I've spent the day tidying up my craft room and poodling around, lovely.
Anyway  thought I'd share with you something that's making me inexplicably happy.
Ta dah!
A very cute little felted bowl!

I'm calling it my pebble bowl. I love it such a happy little thing!

I'd seen it and I'd read about it and I was curious to discover
 just how easy it was and how you did it.
Oh boy, it's easy as pie. 
Just get some scrumptious yarn, get hooking and make............

....................then the tricky bit, find something that needs a wash. Ha ha ha, I know we've always got washing haven't we. Well actually on this occasion I had nothing, not a sock, not a thing!
Jacob was ordered to provide the jeans off his extremely skinny legs 
purely for the purpose of shrinking my bowl!
Sorry, not friendly to the earth but I did put it on a mini wash and I promise I won't do it again, but I couldn't wait, I couldn't!

Half an hour later there it was.
D'you know what, it's all down to the wonderful world of the tinternet.
It's down to all of you clever creatives out there.

The ideas and inspirations bouncing around in cyberspace are truly remarkable. I find myself being thrown into creativity by a photo or picture or blog. 
Anything, ANYTHING is possible!
It's an amazing place to be.
I wonder.
Do you feel the same?
Let me know.

Thursday, 19 April 2012


I'm very pleased and flattered today.
Why I hear you ask?
Well it's Jacquie
I've inspired her. Wow!
She's made a little flotilla of boats, 
a bit like mine but with her own special addition, they're gorgeous aren't they.

I love that sun Jacquie.

Looks like we've made a little fleet LOL!
I don't think I've ever inspired anyone before, oh what a lovely feeling. I'm all tingly and happy inside!
That's why we love the blogosphere!
So a huge thank you to Jacquie for being inspired.
Also a huge thank you to all of you who inspire me to explore and create and play. 
Everyday finds me looking or reading one of your blogs and thinking, I want to try that or I could do that or oh my goodness I could never do that!!! 
Aren't we lucky so very lucky to have this amazing world at our fingertips.
I shall be all skippy and jolly as I wend my way to work today.
Happy Thursday

Edited to add: You can find a pattern for my little boat on Ravelry and a little boaty decoration on Folksy

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Grand Day Out

Hi folks, 
I've been so busy and not had chance to get anywhere near my computer.
Back at work this week too ( a little bit arghhh)
Last Friday we had a glorious day out at Cuckmere Valley Nature Reserve,
 which follows the river down to the sea.
Sadly it was not a great day for photographs too hazy, but it was warm and sunny and beautiful!
Come along then lets have a stroll.
Here's the view from the top of the valley, stunning meandering river.

Very happy sheep

Arty farty fence shot,
featuring Lovely Man.

You can tell sometimes it's pretty bleak here.

Down onto the beach and the amazing sight of the Seven Sisters Cliffs

Up onto the other side of the bay, after wading through some truly freezing water!
An iconic view and a delicious picnic.

Coastguards Cottage.
I could live here.

Arty farty shot of a shell.

Oh what a great day. We photoed ourselves out, it was lovely.
A day of happy, happy memories with my lovely, lovely man.
How lucky am I.
Hope you feel lucky too