Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Happy Monday!

I thought I was over Cath.
Apparently I'm not, cos look,
at what I found yesterday. 
Love Cath! by Sue Webb ♥

Four gorgeous napkins for the complete bargain price of 
I know, how could I not buy them.
Made me smile.

Had a trip to the cinema too

What a good film, go and see it.!
Hope you had a 
Happy Monday

Monday, 30 January 2012

The Birds!

Did you join in with the RSPB birdwatch?
As you can see we did!
Well actually
Howard gave up and went back to his cushion!

So I set myself up at the kitchen window, radio on, 
crochet on the go and bird print out.
9am full of excitment.

10am one crochet tin cover a la Lucy, very productive.

You can't wait to find out how many birds I saw can you?

Here we go

One Magpie
Three Blue Tits!!!
Where was the robin and wren and great tit and pigeon and any other bird I see regularly.
Were they in your garden?
What did you see?
Be back later in the week am busy stocking my little Folksy shop.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pretty Crafty Home

I stumbled across this rather scrummy blog the other day.
I liked it, 
I liked Sandras idea

Of course being a huge fan of all things beautiful
 and craft 
and repurposed
I had to join her.
With that I would like to share my first

Kitchen shelf addition by Sue Webb ♥

Not the whole shelf, that was already there but the small add on shelf at the bottom.
Things you should know about it.
It was designed and made by my Lovely Man
All the wood comes from an old drawer back
It cost us 
I'm going to enjoy having a 
Pretty Crafty Home

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Green pineapple!

 I love Lucy and her beautiful, wonderful tuna tin covers, so pretty. 
I have to make one of course, 
such a great idea.
Not having a tuna tin to play with I reached for my tin of pineapple nestling at the back of my larder, as my hand closed around it a conversation I'd had with my daughter came back to me.

Heather works for an organisation called 
Ethical Consumer.
A proper serious environmental research organisation.

"You shouldn't buy that mum it's seriously bad, the people have no rights and suffer terrible health problems caused by the pesticides they use on the crops"

"But I like pineapple Heather" I said

"Read this article then and see what you think" she said

I pushed the tin of pineapple to the back of the larder and went away to read the report.
Very interesting it was too and it did make me think and I did decide that in the future I shall be buying fresh pineapple(fairtrade).
You can read the report yourself if you wish.

Ethical shopping guide to tinned fruit

Now don't think that I'm saying
do this or do that!
I wouldn't dream of it. 
We should do what we feel comfortable doing, all I'm saying is it's nice to be able to make an informed choice, Until I spoke to Heather it hadn't even occurred to me to question how pineapple is produced.
 When you see stuff in black and white it makes you realise how little we know about the things we consume. How much is hidden by huge production companies. 
Read the articles on Ethical Consumer they are hugely informative!
 For me being informed about where my food comes from is very important. I try to buy fairly traded, higher welfare or organic if 
1. It's available
2. It's affordable
3. We like it!
( We're not prepared to eat food that tastes shite even if it's saving the planet!)

So read and ponder the merits of this article and let me know what you think.
How important is all this stuff?
Do we really make a difference or are we just soothing our conscience?

I shall still be using Lucy's wonderful tutorial to cover my tin 
and I shall use and enjoy it for a long time I'm sure.

I like to repurpose, reuse, recycle all the Rs. 
I like to save scraps, cards, paper..........well you know, you all do it too.
I happen to believe that us crafters are actually a pretty environmentally friendly bunch.
So next time someone questions why you're saving all those tiny scraps of yarn etc.
 Just tell them you are looking after this wonderful world of ours as well as making it a more beautiful place!

Hope I don't sound all preachy, just it's something that's important to me, which I wanted to share with you.
Thanks for reading

Monday, 23 January 2012

From Blah To Yuk And No Ta Dah

I wanted to show you my gorgeous Spring Flower Bag.
I just couldn't get it done.
Everything went in slow motion, no energy. Just felt well,
Should have taken a leaf out of Howards book.

Now there's a cat who knows how to relax.
He knows exactly how to look after himself!

So no Ta Dah yet,
but soon
very soon!
Have a great Monday
I am off to drag myself to work now.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Feeling blah but happy!

The trouble with working with small children
 is you are subjected to any number of evil little bugs!
This week I've been feeling just blah and not quite right.
 I'm blaming a small person who sneezed right in my face.
Anyway with not much energy for outdoorsy things or housework I've been busy with my hook making these happy little flowers.

What do you think?

like a little garden

This one I made up myself!

Some of them were quite tricky

and some turned out a bit bigger than I thought

I particularly like this daisy

I took the patterns from these two books
 which are full of lovely things.

The purpose of all this floral loveliness is to finish this little bag!
It's one of those projects that just doesn't flow, you know not quite right somehow.
I was having trouble choosing a fabric from my stash to line it, something which looked lovely with those flowers, couldn't find
Until as luck would have it I was reorganising my mess and found hiding in the bottom of the drawer this pillowcase

Everything I'd been looking for!
So now I can crack on and get it finished.
Happy Day

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sunsets and marmalade!

This weekend we managed to get out and about. 
By bike and on foot, enjoying the exhilarating weather.
Camera in hand of course!

Friday took us to Southsea, a lovely walk from our house.

A delicious cuppa at the Coffee Cup along the prom.

Watching the traffic.
Then down to business.

Catching that setting sun.
Our beach has some beautiful grasses and plants growing on it,
throwing myself on the stones I watched the sun set over the Isle of Wight.

Boy it was cold, but stunning!

South Parade pier, looking almost beautiful LOL
A shrine to seventies architecture NOT the most attractive building in the world.

Sunday saw us doing a spot of bird photography,
here we are all set up, waiting
and waiting and waiting.

Bit tricky doing the washing up around the tripod.

Quite like this practise shot of fennel seed heads.
Then how much excitment
A bird!
A Blue Tit
Oh, not a great shot.

Starlings on the flats behind our house.

That was it.
How frustrating.
However, the advantage of setting up in the kitchen is that you pootle around making deliciousness.

Grapefruit marmalade

Not a huge batch I admit but absolutely gorgeous.
And finally a spin along the seafront,
Blimey it was windy

But worth it, it's always worth it, 
to be outside spinning along on my bike enjoying the fantastic views!
Hope you had a lovely weekend too.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Love my bicycle!

Old bicycle basket decoration

Those flowers I loved them, but as all flowers do they dropped,
mostly as I sped along the seafront with my basket stuffed with Christmas goodies!
Time for a change then.

But what to use.
found in my little box of treasures, you know you've got one too I'm sure.
The box where all those little experiments nestle, tucked away........
Ta dah
New bicycle decoration!

D'you like it?

I love it. 
A few vintage buttons

And some fluffy tassels

And we're good to go!

Off for some weekend adventures I hope
Have a wonderful weekend yourselves.

Monday, 9 January 2012


I spent the weekend faffing around, some of this some of that, 
none of it what I should be doing!
My question is faffing a creative process? 
The dictionary suggests otherwise.
Faffing; to spend your time doing a lot of things which are not important instead of the thing that you should be doing.
Let me see what did I achieve.

One little heart

Some daisy grannies

and a butterfly!
Now all I have  to do is work out what I'm going to do with them.

Actually now I look at the photos I think it was actually a rather creative weekend, 
not wasted after all. 
So faffing.
  I'm going to be more of that in 2012!

Oh and nobody starved and the washing got done.........
....... eventually
Have a good week.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 The year of the teacup!

I was having a mooch over at Claires gorgeous blog 
and of course was enchanted by her new chinaware, it's so pretty and what she does, if case you don't know, is paint the loveliest paintings of her teacups.
Go and have a look they are enchanting.

Anyway Claire these are some of mine.

Hmm, I feel a collection coming on!

I think this is definitely the 
Year of the teacup!
Father Christmas found these lovelies for us. 
The patterned one is actually more green than yellow, cursed winter light.
Can't be used as the handle is broken :o(
The pearly one is my Christmas pressie to my Lovely Man who was thrilled and is planning a whole new shelf in their honour!

Just before I go I just wanted to share this little gem with you all. 

A pressie to myself!
Discovered in a charity shop all  alone and unloved.
The Eiffel Tower
How pretty, look at it, oh my how pretty.
I love it

Had to have it
for a full £1.50
Wonderful vintage crazy bargain.
In case you're wondering it's an Avon perfume bottle!

I have others
I'll share them with you another day.
Wait and see you'll love them too I'm sure.


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year!

So where was I?
That's right ages ago before Christmas.
Where did that two weeks go?
Was your festive season wonderful, mine was full of fun, family and frivolity more of that later i think.
On to 2012
Of course there must be 
Mine are very simple, 
more crochet, well duh!
more exercise, especially on my bike
improve my photography
and be a little bit more organised about the house LOL
that last one is doomed to fail I know cos I say it every year 
and every year we just muddle on through.
Well I must just try harder (smirking as I type).

I leave you for now with a round up of crochet loveliness 2011

Crochet creations 2011 by Sue Webb ♥

It's been a good year for crochet, 
thanks mainly to the blogosphere and all you wonderful people whose blogs inspire and inform.
Thank you all for showing me the creative path I'd been searching for.
What an amazing journey I'm on.
Bring on 2012
Lets see what happens shall we.