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Day Out with number 4

Phew just dropping by for a little update.
Still hooking my secret crochet project and of course thinking about Christmas.
So on Saturday Jacob (No 4 beautiful boy) and I took a road trip to Nottingham.
I know long way from Portsmouth!
Very long way, very early start.
University open day.
After a long icy, foggy, rainy, frosty drive we arrived at the Brackenhurst campus of 
Nottingham Trent Uni. What a lovely place.
Have a look.

This is part of the campus!

beautiful gardens

prospective student...........loving it all!

Such a gorgeous setting

The accommodation was set overlooking rolling field of sheep!

There was even a walled garden!

The rest of the campus is modern and attractive too.
A great visit, Jacob was buzzing he loved it!
We listened to the details of the course he wants to study Environmental Conservation and Countryside management  and it sounded great.

A long day but a good day, lovely to spend time together too!

So glad we went.

Even more glad when we heard yesterday that he's been offered a place.


So that's it, my youngest preparing to take his steps into the world!


Stay warm




  1. Aww, that's fantastic news Sue. Congrats to him, and you all! It looks like a wonderful place to study. Glad your visit there was special for you both. Precious moments x

    1. Thank you Sharron, it's a good time for my lovely boy at the moment and yes I cherish each and every one of those precious moments.

  2. Oh Sue I am dreading all this. It will be upon me soon too! I keep looking for courses within a 20 mile radius and am realising how smotherly motherly I am being. I really do not want mine to go far from home! My brother studied for 'Countryside Management' at Worcester Uni. Worcester is a lovely city. xxx

    1. Lucy don't you worry, you'll be fine when your boys fly the nest cos you'll know that you've given them all the skills to be independent, cooking, making, tidying, laughing, caring, they'll be just fine! And on the up side think of the space.............extra crafting rooms, now that's tempting isn't it!!!!!!! x

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment on my PCH post, so glad you've enjoyed it!

    S x


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