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Spinning singles

I would just like to clarify
 if you have stumbled upon this page from the darker reaches of the world wide web. 
This is a post about 



the coat of a sheep!!!! 
Not a dodgy dating advice help line!

If you have arrived rather sweaty, breathless and wearing lycra from a fitness crazed google marathon, no it's not about spinning, a vigorous form of exercise involving a bike that goes nowhere in a large room smelling vaguely of feet. 

NO this is a post about spinning single yarn a dangerous and highly addictive pastime.

I've been practising and practising and have been managing to spin some quite good yarn, however when I ply it together it's still a little bit, well, chunky for my liking. And although I was delighted with my Summer Rockpool Scarf

It's not quite as delicate as I would like.
So I mooched around the web and read some interesting things particularly here and here
Saw some gorgeous things here got all inspired and had a little go.
Before I started of course I had to dye the roving, I love the dyeing bit love love love it!
Here it is all ready to steam.

And here it is all spun, I have to say I was very pleased with how fine it spun.
I'm going to make, well another scarf probably LOL!
I'm going to have a scarf for every occasion at this rate!

I've washed it now to let it bloom and puff up a bit, can't wait to use it.
So now I've been spinning for nearly two months and am beginning to feel that I'm making some progress. 
I can now spin a bobbin up with mostly even yarn.
I can spin without having to stop every two minutes cos I've snapped the thread.
I'm getting better at plying although I think it's going to take a long time before 
I'm happy with what I ply. 
I'm pretty sure my heart lies with the thinner yarns, chunky's not for me.
I'm totally hooked on dyeing, oh my the possibilities.
I dream about spinning!
I may be a little bit crazy!!!!

Today I'm trying one pot dyeing.
It's good my friends, it's good.

Next week I hope to show you a finished granny blanket and that 
blimin bag struggling to find the love for this project.
See you all soon have a marvellous weekend.


  1. Oooh your spinning looks good to me! And, in my mind there is nothing wrong with having a scarf for every occasion x x

  2. wonderfull singles, lovely scarf.
    I have started to spin singles but I am not so sure how to fix the twist after spinning. I need singles for my bobbin lace project, maybe you can give some tips, xxxx

    1. Marie thank you for your kind comments. As an expert spinner of all of 1 month let me share all of my knowledge with you! I went on this website and found some really useful tips on both the spinning and fixing of singles.
      Hope you find it helpful. My only advice to you is keep practising, I'm spinning at every opportunity and each bobbin is better than the last. Well I think so LOL! Have fun would love to see how you get on. x

  3. Wow, Sue! Gorgeous yarn - well done. I'd love to learn to spin and dye.

    1. Oh WoolnHook you have to give it a go if you get the chance, try a bit of dyeing with food colouring, you can dye yarn that you don't like the colour of, honestly so much fun. Everytime I do it I end up jigging round my kitchen in sheer delight! x

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Your spinning looks amazing. How wonderful to dye and make your own yarn, and then to decide what kind of garment or blanket you can make with it. I can imagine you are hooked!

    1. I'm so hooked on it, I dream about spinning, really I do!


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