Friday, 7 September 2012

End of the week.............hooray!

 First week back at work and boy have we been busy and that's before the children start!
Quite a stressful day today, it's hard to please some people if you know what I mean!!!
So I took myself off for a lovely walk along the seafront.
Ahhh the perfect way to relax.
How's your week been?

The downside of working of course is the lack of crafting time, but I have a few projects on the go at the moment.
Little bird on a driftwood branch.
Cute or naff? 
What do you think?

Retro colours bag, just needs some handles which I'm getting on with in a minute.
Can't decide if I want to line this one, hmm have I even got anything that garish in my stash!

I'm pleased with the bottom shape ( oooo scuse me sounds a bit rude)

And this project is probably going to be the longest 
all these little daisy squares ( I made the pattern myself, although it's probably been done before) are going to be a double bed sized blanket.
At the moment I have enough to just about cover our feet. Let's hope it's not a cold winter eh!

On top of all that I'm still spinning and loving it.
Oh I'm off.
Sorry too much to do!
Have a great weekend.
 Get outside and enjoy the world!
Lots of love

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  1. My Grandmother used to say 'Please yourself then at least somebody is happy'! I love the little bird, so pretty...I have the wantsies now very badly! :) x


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