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A post about fairness

I've had a lovely weekend, plenty of outdoor time and walking. Time with the people I love the most,
and time for a bit of me time. All's well in the world.
Or is it?
I've just had a conversation with my Mum and she's told me that my Dad needs some new eye drops to control his Glaucoma, these drops are vital to keep the pressure in his eye low enough and stop any more deterioration in his eyesight. Seems straightforward enough doesn't it. Apparently not, our local chemist can't get hold of the drops, there's a shortage! NO I'm sorry that's not good enough, my Dad needs those drops without them what's left of his sight will go and he will be blind!

It makes me so angry that ordinary good people face this lottery of treatment.
 It is disgustingly unfair.
He's an old man he just wants to grow old gracefully and enjoy his time. Not be fretting about how long he can go without the correct medication.

My Lovely man has experienced the same problem with his Parkinson's medication, being told that the chemist cannot get his drugs for a few days because there's a shortage. What's going on? We have to make sure we have a good weeks worth of drugs in hand at all times. It's all just hassle. Bad enough for my Dad and Lovely Man, but what about people who have nobody to help them how the hell do they manage?

Sorry for the rant but to me it makes sense to spend the money on preventative or controlling medication, to keep people ticking along in their own homes, with the people they love for as long as possible. It's a shame that the powers that be don't seem to care about that.
Thank you for reading my words.
I'm off to hug my family, do the same to yours, they're very special.


  1. I get ya totally. My Mom has been having serious issues with her eyes for a couple of months. Several visits to the GP later...her eyes are still really painful. She is off to the specialist tomorrow thankfully and finally. We have a large hospital in the town that is threatened with closure and my Mom will have to travel 20 miles to see the specialist! It is ironic as the large hospital is three minutes away. Tut tut tut...we really are in some kind of mess! I think/ pray things will get better. xxx

  2. If I were you Id write to the medical directorate and your local MP. Its awful that people should have to wait for their meds. The moew people that kick up a stink and fight for what they should have the more, the higher powers i.e government will listen.
    I had to fight for funding for my meds but I got there in the end as I refussed point blank to back down.
    Good luck.
    Your so right about family and friends they are so important life who be so lonely and empty without them.


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