Friday, 3 August 2012


You know I LOVE my bike.
I do love it so much.
Here it is looking very fine.

Well yesterday it was stolen!
We were at my mum and dad's house enjoying a pre holiday dinner when there was a knock on the door.
One of their neighbours saw a group of yuffs bolt crop the lock from my bike and ride off on it.
OMG how sad was I, my heart sank.
I got straight on the phone to the police.
Lovely Man got straight on his bike ( which they hadn't had time to steal) and headed off in hot pursuit.
The fiendish felon had headed into the back streets of Portsea, not a place to wander around even if you're a local.
fifteen minutes later he returned triumphant

Chased the yob down he did........he's fast is Lovely Man.

Well maybe not That Fast!
Shouted at him and scared him half to death I think ( Lovely Man can look very menacing!)
until he gave up the chase and surrendered his booty.
Impressed the local bobby with his tenacious sleuthing too.
I can't tell you how happy I was to see my bike come back to me.
I love my bike.
No damage really, apparently felons aren't partial to crochet bunting or handlebar grips. They don't use panniers either cos all that is missing, annoying but replaceable.
I love my bike, d'you know that!
And now I can pack it into the car for it's holiday adventures in Suffolk.
Such relief.
Am off to but a new lock now even huger than the one that was on there.
Then it's holiday for me.
So I'll say goodbye for a couple of weeks.
I'll be back with many adventures to tell.
Lots of love


  1. Wow, I was really sad to read that, I am so hankering after a new bike. I know you love yours! Then what a fantastic ending that 'Lovely man' deserves a medal! You are really really lucky to have got your bike back! I love happy endings! xxx

  2. Oh don't worry Lucy lovely Man will be rewarded admirably! ♥

  3. What an exciting story! And what a hero :)
    Sue - yes, I want to make Chelsea buns as you suggested! So many different recipes though - which did you use?
    Jane x

  4. We used a Delia Smith recipe, you can find her recipes online I a photo of your delicious results if you get the chance, they'll be snaffled up I'm sure!

  5. Oh gosh! Nearly a ruined holiday by the sounds of it. Have a great time away.

  6. Oh that's terrible but I'm so glad you got your bike back.

    Nina x

  7. Very nice, thanks for sharing.


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