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Holiday Fun.........part 2

 After the exertions of Day 1 we decided to take it easy on Day 2.
Just a little stroll along the shingle beach towards Orford Ness a spot of beach combing and a delicious picnic.
The weather was HOT but look at those clouds

We watched the showers sweeping across the sky all around us.

Look we were the only people in the world!
The long path spreads out in front of us............actually it's no path just shingle, ever walked a long way on shingle...........hard work!

We never made it to the end of the spit it's miles away! And after a delicious sandwich and snooze in the sunshine we made a hasty retreat as thunder and lightening arrived! You know I said we were the only people in the world............uh ha we were the tallest thing around as well arghhhhhhhh!
Let me tell you it's even harder to walk on shingle crouched down LOL!
But look at the colour of the sky and sea as the storm passed.

Back indoors just in time as the rain started!

Lovely Man enjoyed a bit of bag making with nets we beachcombed.

We filled this bag with found goodies!
Day 3
On the bikes and off to Snape Maltings via the byways!

Through the woods

A bit of a longer ride than we thought so we treated ourselves.
Lovely coffee and cakes.

It's a lovely place on the river estuary so pretty...........
so full of mosquitoes! Ah yes I mentioned them before didn't I.

We left the maltings and headed for Woodbridge.
Don't be deceived by the beautiful sky we battled through torrential rain to get here! Worth it though a beautiful town full of historic buildings and lovely boats.

Now those pesky mosquitoes had feasted heartily on me and by the time we got here my leg looked like I had some terrible disease! OMG the itching unbelievable...........I was very good I didn't scratch them. But my leg was just getting bigger and bigger and turning a funny colour so I went to the chemist.
Erghhhh he said you need to see a doctor that looks infected!!!!!!!!!
We treked the 20 odd miles back to Aldeburgh and after a sleepness night of NOT scratching and being kept awake by the itching I visited the local Docs. Not infected just a severe reaction, plenty of insect repellent and cover up............'what about the itching doc?' His advice don't scratch............arghhhhhh!
The rest of my holiday was spent reeking of  insect repellent Mmmmmm attractive!
Holidays can be hard work.



  1. I am enjoying your holiday a lot. Cycling, beach combing, snoozing, cake eating, bag making (fascinating) and generally getting out in the elements...even if you were chancing it a bit! We have a healthy fear of Mozzies in this verges of paranoia. No.1 son swells up like a balloon for days after a bite! They is nasty critters!!! xxx


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