Friday, 27 July 2012

Sad news

Feel a bit sad this evening having heard that a swan on our local common has died.
I've been photographing this magnificent swan for a few years now, and he really was an amazing creature. This summer he and his mate had hatched seven cygnets as they did last year. whenever I walked over the common I always made sure to go take a look and have a little chat, frankly he had alot of attitude and always complained when I tried to get a close up!
A few weeks ago he was attacked by a dog and now we learn of his demise. 
You can read the story here.

Such a terrible avoidable death of such a noble animal.
I'm not a dog person.
But I don't object to dogs being off their leads mooching around, however they need to be well trained and supervised and their owners need to be mindful that where wild animals are they should take extra care.
That's what I think.
Doesn't seem much to me.
Thanks for listening


  1. Thats so sad, what a beautiful swan.
    So sorry you'll miss seeing him, hope the babies stay close by.
    have a restful weekend Sue
    Lol Karen x

  2. Yes that is sad :(. I agree totally with your comments about dogs and we do have a dog.

  3. Oh that is very sad. We have a local Swan rescue and it is overflowing...I agree with your comments about dogs and I am a dog lover and dog owner.


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