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Getting Organised

One of the best things about being on holiday is having time to
Something I really enjoy!
Today it was the turn of my wardrobe.
Firstly I hoiked  the contents of said wardrobe onto the bed.
I was rather hoping Howard would get the hint,

Nah, he has his stubborn face on.
Anyway seems I have alot of clothes.
Right lets get started.
(Oh in case you're wondering the feathery thing above the mirror was made for me by lovely Jacob, on the wood it says 'best mum', I know ahhhhh. He was about 6 when he made this.)
Where were we?

Lets look inside the empty cupboard, great vintage vibe going on here, don't you think?
Can't bring myself to decorate inside this cupboard, this wallpaper is proper vintage!
Pretty isn't it.

Well I've sorted the long sleeves from the short.

Yeah kicked Howard off, the bed's not big enough for the both of us!
Hmmm some kind of order, I think?????

OMG a very ancient CandA top buried at the bottom.
I love this top!

To iron or not to iron. Not to iron I think, I'll never get finished, just fold then.

Lovely neat piles of pretty clothes.

I've found tops that I haven't worn for ages, it's like going shopping without the pain!
I've finally parted company with my most favourite pair of trousers EVER!
I mean look at them........ really would I wear these with my bottom hanging out,
no sireee!
They've found their way into my fabric stash.
Hmmm that's not clearing them out I hear you say.
One step at a time ladies!

So into the wardrobe go my piles of beautifully folded clothes.

Looks lovely doesn't it, I can see at a glance what I've got.

A bit of a shuffle around and everything fits in perfectly.

I've managed to throw out quite alot of stuff!
All bagged up for the clothes bank now.

Well done me I'm very pleased with my mornings work.
And I discovered some interesting facts.
1. My wardrobe is quite coordinated, lots of purples pinks and greens.
2. Some of my most favourite clothes are from Charity shops.
3. I am mainly size 8/10 and have been for years cos some of my clothes are ancient!
4. I don't need to buy anything for ages cos I can put together some new looks with stuff I haven't worn for yonks.
 5. I find it difficult to get rid of things, my clothes have sentimental value to them and anyway. What goes around comes around doesn't it!
Right what's next on my Get Organised list, ah yes packing.
holiday's coming! That's going to be blissful now I can see what I've got.
Gold medal to me for a good mornings work!
Are you good at sorting or is it just a bore?
See ya


  1. Great job, but not me at all, I literally felt my anxiety levels rising at all that tidiness and organisation! I had a chuckle at Howard! How hilarious is he? He was certainly staying put, in the thick of things wasn't he? My dog likes to get in the way of crafts and walk through the middle of boardgames.


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