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How's your holiday week been?
One word sums up mine
Now I'm not one to moan, but perleeez.
Summer wardrobe ready, toes ready, a subtle shade of green if you please, deckchairs dusted off, garden looking stunning.
 Oh yes a week off enjoying Flaming June LOL!

So I thought a bit of happy crafting would fit the bill, y'know cheer me up make the bad weather not seem quite so, well bad! Tidy up a few loose ends finish off a few projects.
 I thought this was a GOOD IDEA.

I've made a bag it's beautiful, lovely soft cotton yarn in gorgeous colours.
Here it is.

Like it!

very pretty

And neat work if I say so myself.

Just needed a lovely lining

That's where the problem started.
I'll put in a zip I said to myself, bags look good with a nice zip. 
Much rootling around produced a nice new zip from the depths of my drawers. No problem I can do zips have done many in the past, lapped, invisible, open ended, yeah I know about zips.
People it took me most of yesterday to put that zip in (lots of back to front mistakes and many unpickings). Finally I managed it and it 
looked good until I tried to fit it all into the bag.
OMG it just looked so crap!
Seam ripper out and today I have spent the morning unpicking.

So 24 hours later I'm right back at square one.
I've just pinned the lining in the bloody bag AGAIN with no zip!
Now I'm starving and need my lunch. So I'm off, the bag can stay there.

I shall deal with it later.


  1. It's a lovely bag Sue , zipper or not :0) I love the colours and the lining fabric is so pretty.Maybe a crochet loop and a pretty button would look good.
    Jacquie x

  2. Thank you for sharing your 'frustration' it is a bit of a crafting disaster that I have been talking about and experiencing of late. Really I am most impressed though that you are the type of woman that can produce a plausible zip for the job...from just rooting about in the depths of your drawers! My mind boggles! :) x

  3. It is a beautiful bag & the lining is just as pretty. You'll get it! That happens alot here too, but I just keep going at it.

  4. Thanks ladies! Jacquie I was thinking along the same lines myself.
    Lucy I have many a treasure stashed away, one day they will be properly organised ha ha ha ha ha as if!
    MrsWild Am so glad to here you have sewing traumas too makes me feel much better knowing I'm not alone in my frustration!

  5. Hi Sue,
    I just joined today. I love your bag, pretty colors. I'm sorry you've had a tough time with the zipper. Don't feel badly; we all have those days. I'm sure you'll figure out a way to fix it.

  6. Oh no - feeling your pain !


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