Monday, 11 June 2012


Here it is
Ta Dah!
Summer Flowers Bag completed. 
Thanks to all of your encouraging comments, 
otherwise I fear it was destined for the drawer of unfinishedness!

Now I'm happy

How do you like these vintage mother of pearl buttons, aren't they beautiful!

The lining matches so well, thanks to my stash, you see it is worth keeping all those bits and pieces

So there you have it all ready and listed in my Folksy Shop
Ready to find a new home.

I really love working with cotton yarn it's so soft and has such a lovely stitch definition. 
Although having said that I love pure wool too, oh d'you know what I love all my hooky yarns!
Now onto matters of the day must dash, am back to work today so need to make myself look presentable and make a delicious sandwich to cheer me up at lunchtime!
Have a good day


  1. What a beautiful bag! Perfect for summer but any seasons indeed! I love it, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. that's a lovely bag, and the polkadot lining is so cute! It's great to have stash like that :-)

  3. Ahh.. so lovely. Blue.. my fav. color ever ;)

  4. Beautiful! I love the polka dot lining. Have you signed up for the giveaway on my blog? I only mention it because you love cotton yarn and 100% wool and that's what I'm giving away. If you want to enter, here's the link:


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