Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Back from the wilderness!

I'm back did you miss me?
OMG I've had nearly THREE days with
We rely on it so much don't we and without it we are SO lost.
We checked the server and got this very 'helpful message'
'We have had a few technical problems in you postcode area, to reset your internet turn off your modem for 5 minutes, then switch it back on this should restore your service. Thank you for calling goodbye'
We did this, followed the instructions to the letter.......nothing, errr scuse me what do you do if it doesn't work, yeh that's right doesn't BLOODY WORK!!!!!
Oh makes me so mad. Anyway turned my hand to a bit of calming crochet and left the tech stuff to the teenagers of the house.
How cute is this little rabbit

The pattern comes from here.
I've been meaning to have a go at a little toy for a while, so easy to make too.
It's a gift for the teacher I work with who's leaving this week to have her baby.

I think she'll like it and as she knows what the baby is I went with the blue!
There have been some brilliant names suggestions from the children.
Most popular so far is Brian, Derek and Bruce Wayne!

So anyway as you can gather the technical wizardry of Oliver and Jacob has restored my sanity and internet,
 all is back to normal, calmness is returned and we can look up all those things we wanted to look up NOW over the last few days. Now what was it again?
What would we do if internet disappeared, how would we manage, what would we do instead?
Hope you are all having a great week.


  1. Is so cute the teacher and her baby would love that. I love making toys

  2. Thanks Victoria I'm starting to love making toys too, mainly because they are so quick and such a great way to stash bust!

  3. I understand your love-hate relationship with the internet!
    Very cute bunny!


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