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Spot the difference

Hello! Did you wonder where I was? I know a whole week with no posts, how did that happen! Well you know of course sometimes life gets in the way of our blogging pleasure, and this week life has been somewhat hectic. I've had loads of orders to finish and start (not complaining ) on top of that we are plummeting headlong into the END OF TERM which anyone who works in education will tell you is another way of saying chaos! So many things to pack in, Sports day, transition work, tidying up classrooms. You get the picture. So it's no wonder that little slip ups have occurred. See if you can spot the mistake? 


............did you find it? I didn't till I'd finished the whole side of a cushion cover! What to do, unpick and start again or just make another side without the mistake? Dilemmas dilemmas!
Any suggestions? Love  ♥Sue♥


Here I am sat in my garden enjoying the sunshine listening to the little birds  and admiring my gardening efforts. RELAXING Ahhhhhhhhh That's better, week over. Oh it's been long, so long.  I've had not much time for much really, what with the technical blip and the hideous weather. But we did have some highlights. Bit of a Springwatch moment here, I know it's a crap photo but this buzzard was right above our garden being mobbed by crows, by the time I'd grabbed my camera the other crows had moved away and the birds were much further away! This was so cool to see for two reasons one it's amazing to see such aggressive behaviour towards such a supreme predator and the other reason as we live in a town not the usual place to see a Buzzard anyway. Brilliant!

Some pretty flowers in the garden have started to bloom, love the colour. I'm really pleased with how the garden is looking at the moment, a bit of work earlier in the year has really paid off.

Wednesday saw us atop…

Back from the wilderness!

Halloooo! I'm back did you miss me? OMG I've had nearly THREE days with NO INTERNET!!!! Arghhhhh.  We rely on it so much don't we and without it we are SO lost. We checked the server and got this very 'helpful message' 'We have had a few technical problems in you postcode area, to reset your internet turn off your modem for 5 minutes, then switch it back on this should restore your service. Thank you for calling goodbye' We did this, followed the instructions to the letter.......nothing, errr scuse me what do you do if it doesn't work, yeh that's right doesn't BLOODY WORK!!!!! Oh makes me so mad. Anyway turned my hand to a bit of calming crochet and left the tech stuff to the teenagers of the house. How cute is this little rabbit

The pattern comes from here. I've been meaning to have a go at a little toy for a while, so easy to make too. It's a gift for the teacher I work with who's leaving this week to have her baby.

I think she'll like it an…

Evening Stroll

How'syour week going, back at work I'd forgotten how noisy small people can be.  Oh boy, peace I need peace! Best place to get that round here is Milton Common, half an hour and normal service is resumed...... .............and breathe.

Hope you are finding space to breathe in your week. Love ♥Sue♥w's


Yay! Here it is Ta Dah! Summer Flowers Bag completed.  Thanks to all of your encouraging comments,  otherwise I fear it was destined for the drawer of unfinishedness!

Now I'm happy

How do you like these vintage mother of pearl buttons, aren't they beautiful!

The lining matches so well, thanks to my stash, you see it is worth keeping all those bits and pieces

So there you have it all ready and listed in my Folksy Shop Ready to find a new home.

I really love working with cotton yarn it's so soft and has such a lovely stitch definition.  Although having said that I love pure wool too, oh d'you know what I love all my hooky yarns! Now onto matters of the day must dash, am back to work today so need to make myself look presentable and make a delicious sandwich to cheer me up at lunchtime! Have a good day Love ♥Sue♥


After the frustration of yesterday morning we thought it would be a good idea to head out for.
See that tiny figure in the distance that's Lovely Man, wave dodging. I ran too and NO we didn't get caught!

What a mix, blue skies and huge waves.

Lots of salty air sticking to our faces, and cameras. Yikes!

Don't know who he was but he knew how to have fun!

In fact, everyone was having fun.  The faces of the people soaked to the skin with freezing seawater, battling against the gale were without exception pure joy and exhilaration! Boy it made you feel alive! 

We battled our way rather soggily by now to Old Portsmouth up onto the Round Tower. Which is THE only place to watch the comings and goings of the harbour.  Along with some people with rather huge cameras(show offs) we watched the Navy ship The Diamond come into harbour.

By now the wind had turned my hair into a Medusa like tangle so we took refuge at Mum and Dads for a reviving cuppa and cake. Before wending( I love …


How's your holiday week been? One word sums up mine FRUSTRATION!!!!! Now I'm not one to moan, but perleeez. Summer wardrobe ready, toes ready, a subtle shade of green if you please, deckchairs dusted off, garden looking stunning.  Oh yes a week off enjoying Flaming June LOL!
So I thought a bit of happy crafting would fit the bill, y'know cheer me up make the bad weather not seem quite so, well bad! Tidy up a few loose ends finish off a few projects.  I thought this was a GOOD IDEA.
I've made a bag it's beautiful, lovely soft cotton yarn in gorgeous colours. Here it is.
Like it!

very pretty

And neat work if I say so myself.

Just needed a lovely lining

That's where the problem started. I'll put in a zip I said to myself, bags look good with a nice zip.  Much rootling around produced a nice new zip from the depths of my drawers. No problem I can do zips have done many in the past, lapped, invisible, open ended, yeah I know about zips. People it took me most of yesterday to put…

Out and About

Well we're back now Chippenham was..........dry! Also loads of fun, as you can see.  In case you're wondering, that's me on the left with the specs on.

Did you get in the Jubilee mood? I must admit I'm not big on the Royals but did find myself having a hilarious Royale Family moment with Heather about the lovely frocks! Speaking of which I do have a Royal connection ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Well really Heather does, she met her when the Queen opened her school back in 90s. Heather is about 13 I think. Her only comment about the day was how small the Queen was!
So apart from that we've been just spending the weekend relaxing, I've been busy with my crochet hook, I'll show you later. Tony has been up the scaffold that covers the front of our house, gluing the sandstone bay back together! We did get out for a nice walk yesterday evening, best part of the day sunny and calm, we walked from Old Portsmouth all along the seafront and back home. Starting in the Camber.

Fishing boats are wonderfu…