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Holiday Bargains!

How was your Bank Holiday.
Bit wet, yeh mine too.
But we did get out early Sunday morning for a mooch around our local car boot sale.
And happy days I found some gorgeous bargains!
First there was a brand new pressure cooker (£3.00, no photo, forgot)
Then we spotted this cute coffee pot (£1.00)

Isn't it pretty

Doesn't it look just dandy on our cooker!
Such a lovely glass top too.
We already have two, I know, I know, but you need to know they are great. They make coffee the old fashioned way and it tastes fantastic, we use ours everyday!

So very happy with our bargains we would have gone home contented.
Then I spotted

Oh my heart skipped a beat,
It's a French Arocoroc set sold as 
Pink Swirl or Rosaline

It's pink
I love pink glass
How perfect

It's in fabulous condition too.
Oh did I mention
It's pink

And do you know how many pennies this cost me?
Just £3.00!
For pink!

Now I really don't need any more cups and saucers but I just knew I had to save it!

What a great trawl!
 We came home feeling very pleased with ourselves.
I've also been busy on a new crochet garland which I'm loving!
How was your weekend?
Any bargains, any new makes? I'd love to hear about them.
Oh and don't forget the giveaway it finishes tomorrow!


  1. The tea set is divine!! You can never have too many cups & saucers :-)

  2. I love da pink! Pink...did I say it was pink! :) x

  3. Hi Sue, I used to have a coffee pot just like that! It is in excellent condition .... what a bargain, and once on the hob with it's coffee aroma filling the house ...... mmmmmm definitely a bargain!
    I think you can tell I love coffee :0)
    have a lovely week,
    Val xx

  4. Ooh wee! Loving your new coffee pot. You and I have had great fun with our bargains recently - I just posted my finds yesterday :)


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