Tuesday, 10 April 2012

On my Easter camera

I've been catching up this morning, reading blogs
 (everyone seems to have had a wonderful Easter)
Out for a walk after yesterdays rain and checking out what's on my camera!
Some tiny little blooms

An evening spiders web

My new garden border, looking lush today.

Some blue

Some swans

A boy and his cat

A younger boy

A just popped in after work boy

Another swan!

Clouds and sea

Sparkly water

Crochet squares, threaded in order onto yarn.
Ready to make into a new bag.

Easter flowers smelt divine

Curlew with.........
...............check it out a crab!

More blue


Easter Sunday crochet, tea and chocolate.

Easter chicks

Easter eggs

Marbled egg decorations

Reed reflections


Quite a mix on there at the moment isn't there!
Am off to enjoy the gorgeous afternoon sunshine, catch up with you soon!

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  1. Beautiful Photographs Sue. I love the seaside ones :)


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